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Sorry Cody, You’re Not A Checking Forward

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Cody Glass just wants to play. He’s told us for three straight summers now, his goal is to play in the NHL. ASAP.

The question is, where would he play?

It’s the NHL, I’ll play anywhere. I’ll play defense if I have to. -Glass

Earlier this summer, Glass said he’s grown, and he’s ready to make the leap from juniors/minors to the NHL. However, in his third NHL training camp, his age, size, nor maturity will decide his path. It will be up to the Golden Knights management to choose between an established NHL body and giving their young center a chance to flourish.

But again, where will he play?

To be anywhere on the Vegas roster it would be unbelievable. You need to find that role and you need to play it. So, if they want me to be a checking forward, I’ll do my best to be a checking forward. -Glass

You have to love Glass’ eagerness to make the club, but let’s be serious, Vegas didn’t draft a center sixth overall to be a checking forward. That role is best filled by guys like Tomas Nosek, or William Carrier. The Golden Knights have higher expectations for a two-way, top ten drafted center.

I’m not going to be a liability on the defensive end. That’s something I take pride in is playing a good two-way game. It kind of fits well with that third or fourth line player. Obviously, I think I do pretty well on the offensive end… I’ll just take it. Wherever I am, I’ll try and make the most of it. -Glass

And that’s where he unknowingly let his guard down. Glass brought up his offensive game, which was a big reason he was drafted sixth overall. While he prides himself on a 200-ft style, his scoring and playmaking abilities are why the organization will never see him as a checking forward. His offensive potential is just too high, and the young lad knows that.

Now, if the Golden Knights decide to get more explosive on their third line, then maybe Glass would fit well. With Alex Tuch on his wing, the two first-round picks would feed off each others skill. The next move would be where to fit Cody Eakin. I can’t imagine Gerard Gallant moves him to a wing position, so that would leave him anchoring the Golden Knights fourth line. I’m sure many Vegas fans would applaud that move to bolster the bottom line.

Along with Glass, we’ll be patiently waiting to find out if he makes the team straight out of camp. Until then, we can only speculate. But one thing you can take to the bank… Cody Glass will not be centering a fourth line of Ryan Reaves and Tomas Nosek on opening night. He has a better chance of being the Chicago Wolves first star of the game.


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  1. prospects??

    Anybody watching the prospect games would say that the VGK prospects are slow and weak, plain and simple. They are slower skaters, poor compete level, weaker skill level, and lack of hockey sense compared to the prospects of the Avs and Coyotes. VGK spent most of games 1 and 2 stuck in their own zone.

    and Glass and Hague have both looked very disappointing and slow, along with everyone else. Not one of these guys have shown that they deserve to be on the Knights roster to begin this season, mainly because they are not showing a hunger, or all-out compete level to get to the top. We will see what they do in the preseason games, playing with and against better players, but so far it’s looking like AHL

    Yes, Coghlan has a hard shot from the point, can play on the PP, but he also is a question mark defensively in his own end.

    and how about Schuldt getting easily pushed off the puck to give up an empty net goal yesterday, That got him scratched today.

    Bottom line is that the Knights vets will have to carry the load for the next couple seasons until some better skaters like Krebs can develop.

  2. Bent Hermit

    I don’t think Glass is on the team opening day. I do think that there is a good chance that he’s on the team by the trade deadline. When he does join the team, either this year or next, I would look for Smith to be his winger. Young centers new to the NHL always benefit from a veteran defensive minded winger.

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