Every time I drive by Las Vegas Arena my mind races with thoughts, hopes, dreams,  basically hallucinations about what great future might lay ahead inside of the building. But each time, when my thoughts slow to a more manageable pace, I’m always left with this one stupid feeling.

They need to do something with the roof.

The windows along the Strip-facing side look beautiful, the siding is coming along nicely, and the SkyDeck (someone please tell me what this is actually going to be called) is going to be absolutely amazing.

But that roof. It’s so plain. It’s just a big white blog on top of a gorgeous looking structure. They need to spruce it up a little.

Most stadiums paint a big ad across the exterior of the roof. I’m not against that, I just hope it’s not something stupid like this, or overbearing like this, or worst off…PLEASE NOT THIS.

But what I’d really like to see is a mural. Head down to the Linq sometime and look at some of the graffiti (is it really graffiti when you pay someone to do it?) they have painted on the walls. They are really neat looking and give that area a much cooler feel that it probably should have.

Imagine a massive Vegas hockey inspired painting on top of the roof all outlining giant letters spelling out Las Vegas Arena – Home of the Rat Pack.

Someone get on Photoshop and make this happen for me, we need to convince out friends at AEG before it looks like this.

Oh yeah, and please Mr. Creator, please please please, throw some weight around and, don’t let this happen.