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What are the chances someone in this picture asked a question? (Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)



Fleury’s Idols Proved Success Into Late 30’s Is Not Impossible


Forward Lines And D-Pairings Shift Drastically As Seasons Progress


  1. Shovelboy

    Ken—-your best work so far, bar down !! Do this once a month, minimum. Excellent forum and format. Much easier to get your take on lots of things VGK than listen to you and Jason talk over each other and argue for 2+ hours on a podcast !

    And couldn’t agree more on the last question………. !!

    • I’m pretty sure I’m going to do a weekly podcast by myself in which I take questions and answer a bunch of them. It’ll be much shorter and much less argumentative as I tend to not argue with myself. Kind of similar to the Periscopes.

      • Jonathan L. Bowen

        While I don’t mind that idea, I love the podcasts. I really look forward to them. This probably sounds weird, but I don’t live in Las Vegas yet (moving within two years and it has been my dream city for about a decade now), and hearing you two talk makes me almost feel like a part of things before I get there. I picture being surrounding by other Knights fans, talking about the team, yearn for watch parties with other fans, things like that. I don’t mind the random arguments about hotdogs (top cut IS stupid!), though I do find myself agreeing with pretty much everything you say and sorry for Jason but I generally don’t agree ha ha. The arguments make for a good podcast, though, because it’s something to talk about and provides counterpoints. I think part of it is I feel my personality is very similar to you so I tend to laugh a lot and agree with what you’re saying, and it feels more “real” than listening to someone on ESPN talk about almost anything. I usually will listen to the podcasts while doing brainless work (writing checks, organizing, etc.) or eating my cereal in the morning. So not gonna lie it might take me a week to get through a podcast but it’s perfect because then the next one is up around then. SinBin is one of my only “must visit” Websites on a daily basis though it’s usually more like 3-5 times a day 😀

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