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@SinBinVegas Twitter Q&A – October 15th, 2020

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Schmidt: Fleury Situation Was “Tough On The Room”


What An All Canadian Division Would Mean For The Golden Knights


  1. Tim

    The Splash Brothers need a feel good story after what has transpired since January. The perfect fit is Hauls they bring back one of our prodigal sons.

  2. Yer Ol Pal KT

    Ken I agree with you on most things, but I gotta say the one that broke me is Giordano’s. It’s objectively the worst deep dish offering! Lou Malnati’s and Gino’s East are both far superior!

  3. Tim

    Ken a thought for a future article. Everyone but me is complaining about keeping Fleury and our 12 million cap hit on goalies. Since a lot of teams are going more for two decent goalies instead of one throw in finding out the cap hit on all teams might be interesting. By the way Ken you don’t want Fleury I get it but going all in on Steven Stamkos with his injury history has me shaking my head.

  4. Walt

    The big question is whether the VGK will go to the front of the net, and get in the goalie’s face, or will they continue to play soft perimeter hockey in the o zone, like they did for 8 consecutive games from game 5 vs Van to the end of the Dallas series.

    They made Demko and Khudobin’s job easy by having very few tips, rebounds, screens, or after whistle scrums.

    They shot long distance creampuffs, one and done in the o zone. Ran up the shot total, dominated possession, but lost the games because the other team went hard to the net, while the Knight forwards went to the perimeter and played soft.

    If PDB can emphasize it and get them re-focused to going hard to the net, then the scoring touch will return to the VGK.

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