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Nosek Adjusting Well To His New Life Outside Of Hockey


NHL Suspends Season Temporarily


  1. Tim

    Ken 1% chance of keeping both goaltenders. I’ll say this your around the team and I’m not but at 75 I’ve been around sports and coached sports most of my life. Keeping Fleury and some stumblebum as his backup isn’t going to get us a Stanley Cup. Fleury at his age can get hurt at anytime and then were screwed. You trade Stastny save his 6 + million and sign Lehner. With Roy, Dugan, Elvenes, Krebs and Glass I’ll take my chances one of them can replace Stantsy. Not a dime lost and were the favorite in every game next year.If none of those guys cut we always have a trade option to pick up a center. With the cap going up we’ll need to sign Nosek, Stephenson, Cousins,Roy who are all UFA’s. Merrill and D.E. are history, Reeves depending if he takes a pay cut well loved by the fans otherwise we have everyone else signed long term for the most part.

    • It’s about cap utilization. Yes, you can be a better regular season team with the pair of goalies. But when the games matter, you can’t have 8, 9, 10 precent of your cap on the bench.

      • A Fan

        Tim is spot on. Who says we can’t have 8% sitting on the bench? Having an elite backup regardless of who starts is a good thing if there is a playoff injury and that elite backup will also help in making the playoffs. The Pacific will not be as bad as it is this year starting next year. If you have a stumblebum backup as Tim mentioned, bye bye Cup chances. They said a first year expansion team could never make the Cup finals also. We’re Vegas, roll the dice. Elite goalies are difficult enough to find. Great to have 2 of them.

        • So you honestly believe that VGK cannot make the playoffs if they have Oscar Dansk as the backup?

          If you believe that, then forget about the team winning the Cup in the first place. (Even more reason not to pay two goalies)

          • DOC Williams

            Just tell me WHY we would think Dansk would be the answer?

      • Walt

        you are wrong wrong wrong, Ken

        just look at the Stanley cups in the last 4 years. in 2016 and 2017 the Pitt Penguins won with Matt Murray in goal and Fleury sitting on the bench. in 2018 the Wash Caps won over our VGK with Holtby in goal, but they started the playoffs with Grubauer in goal. and in 2019 the Blues won with a goalie Binnington who was in the minors at midseason, and their starter Allen was on the bench.

        Having 2 outstanding goalies in the playoffs is a necessity, not a luxury. Especially for VGK, because Fleury cannot carry the load anymore night after night

        • Walt

          also, the trade to bring Lehner to VGK was made for the playoffs this year, not the regular season, so that IS why they got him.

          Fleury is going on 36 years old, and the VGK have absolutely NO ONE in their system who is NHL ready and topnotch.

          so it would be outrageous to let a winning #1 goalie walk away so they can sign 4th line replaceable guys or keep an aging Stastny for 1 last season

          • I like the fact that they picked him up for this run, great move.

            However, you are massively undervaluing the cap. Yes, they could get rid of Stastny, 4th liners or anyone else, but there is no way anyone can rationalize 15% of the cap on goalies (in fact, no team ever has). They do not need to let a good goalie walk. If they choose to go with Lehner, terrific, trade Fleury. If they want to keep Fleury, let Lehner go, no problem.

            This whole thing is about utilization of the cap. If you want to get rid of players on the roster, replace them with more. They can upgrade Stastny, sure, but they simply cannot do it by paying massive amounts of money to a player that will not play when the games matter.

            No team has ever won the Cup with over 12% of cap dedicated to goalies. For VGK to do that, they would have to get Lehner at less than 2.5 million. That’s not happening.

            The goal is to win the Cup, not the President’s Trophy.

        • DOC Williams

          Ken’s philosophy about “cap utilization” is getting rid of players he doesn’t like, ie Reeves etc…. He knows nothing about putting together a solid total team. That’s what the GM’s are for. Kenny is not GM material I’m afraid! Talking about goalies, still no start for Subban in Chicago! Cory B has made 10 straight starts since the trade. Any more doubt why we got him outta here for Lehner??? I’m thinking Subban may be out of the NHL after this season!!!

  2. DOC Williams

    Well, the NCCA has just announced that spectators will be BANNED from ALL the upcoming games in the BIG tourney. This is more than HUGE! Expect all other major sports to follow!!!!! A sad situation for everyone!!!

  3. knights fan in minny

    max out now this could be devastating

    • DOC Williams

      The “kids” certainly have to come thru. Will be very interesting. Time for the remaining “misfits” to just go crazy and turn it on, Go get them boys!!

  4. knights fan in minny

    maybe the nhl can go on hold for a couple of weeks and help out the squad

  5. DOC Williams

    Just so you know …. The NBA just announced they are suspending operations immediately! A NBA player has tested positive. No games for now. Get ready for hockey & others to follow!!!!! Shit! This is bad!

  6. Tim

    Ken looks like your on the wrong side of the two elite goalie system.

    • Definitely not. Having 2 goalies is amazing and having them for this playoff run is tremendous, but you cannot spend 15% of your cap on goalies. Simply cannot and will not be an option.

  7. THE hockey GOD

    NHL needs to suspend the season like NBA did, in reaction to hyperventilated media and over reactions going on throughout the world (in comparison with previous more severe outbreaks). That would allow the VGK players (i.e Stone, Tuck, Patches) to get healthy, as well as others, like McDavid. So we can have Stanley Cup playoffs in August after this virus crap turns into a Nothing Burger and stock market will get back on track where it belongs. As well as America back working, some decency back into our lives, and the knuckleheads in media get back to their normal bashing of America and our government at every turn of a gnat’s behind.

    • THE hockey GOD

      Tuch that is

    • DOC Williams

      Yea ….. When we get rid of the would-be-king, (and HIS knuckleheads) we can “Make America CALM Again”!!!!

      • THE hockey GOD

        the king , his failed policies, and cult following, was booted in 2016 !! We have a real leader now.

        • DOC Williams

          Ok, I’m done with this. Never in my life did I expect to see Americans turn into a cult, following the most discussing human being to ever be the leader of our country. How could you have any admiration or respect for this idiot????

    • THE hockey pizza GOD

      you called it, spot on

  8. knights fan in minny

    the squad can get healthy now I bet the sports book hates it

  9. DOC Williams

    Hockey paused as we all expected. I’m sure Ken will lead the way in an endless “conversation on what happens when/IF it’s SAFE to resume. I’ll do my best to stay out of the endless ideas Ken & others come up with. Have fun …..

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