The Virtual Game Show is a hybrid of trivia and the newlywed game. We will ask a series of questions and points will be scored not based on whether or not the questions are answered correctly, but if you match your partner’s guess.

The game is played on Zoom and it requires a computer (not your phone or iPad) to play. We also require a deck of cards (the aces and all cards of one suit) and headphones with a microphone.

Each game will contain two “celebrity” guests, Jason, and the three contestants. The three contestants will be randomly paired with a celeb to make the three teams.

The game consists of 3 rounds plus the final round. Each of the 3 rounds consists of 3 questions.

For each round, there is a designated “Trivia Answerer” and a “Matcher” for each team.

The “Trivia Answerer” is trying to guess the answer to each trivia question while the “Matcher” is attempting to guess if their partner will get the answer correct or incorrect. Points are only scored when there is a match, thus points can be scored by incorrectly answering the trivia question.


A multiple-choice question will be displayed on the screen. The “Matcher” must put up a black card or a red card indicating whether they believe their partner will get the answer correct or incorrect.

Black = Correct
Red = Incorrect

Cards are to be displayed in the screen but facing yourself so you are the only one to see it.

Then, the trivia answerers will attempt to answer the question. Each question has four answers corresponding with each suit of cards. Answerers will put their card(s) in view of the screen, facing yourself so only you can see. Answerers can guess using 1, 2, or 3 cards to increase their odds of getting the question right.

Think you know the answer, use only 1 card. Not sure of the answer, use 2 or 3 to give yourself a better chance.

Once all cards are in view, we will reveal the answer to the question then everyone’s cards and points will be tallied.


Here’s how points are scored…


Notes on point scoring:

  • Points are only scored when there is a match
  • Points can only be LOST if the “matcher” guesses that their partner will get the answer correct and they do not.
  • Max points can be scored in TWO different ways.
    • By getting the answer correct and using 1 card (with a partner match)
    • By getting the answer incorrect and using 3 cards (with a partner match)
  • Points are doubled in the 3rd round.

Final Round

The Final Round is similar to Final Jeopardy.

Each team will select their “Trivia Answerer” and their “Matcher”.

A slide will be displayed indicating the difficulty of the question. The matcher will then bid between 1-13 points on their partner’s answer. You can only wager as many points as you have. Points are only scored if there is a correct answer to the trivia question.

We will then display the slide with the question and the “Trivia Answerer” will place ONE card in view.

Points are added for a correct answer and subtracted for an incorrect answer.

The team with the most points wins the game.