Praise Be To Foley, Vegas Golden Knights Hockey Website Podcast #91: Clapback

Back in the studio after a week off we’re talking 40 in 30, clapping, and Marchessault’s future. Hosted by Ken Boehlke and Jason Pothier.

  • The controversial tweet and where we stand.
  • Reacting to interesting moments in the press box.
  • Making line changes when there are injuries or added players.
  • Seattle’s impact on the Golden Knights future plans.
  • Did the Golden Knights have the hardest injury situation in the NHL to this point?

And much more…

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Hurricanes Came Out Firing At Fleury



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  1. PhiSig 150

    I’m conflicted regarding Clap Gate. You made some great points regarding professionalism and not being a distraction to other writer. Also I would imagine it would be hard to remain completely impartial and natural audible reactions to great play on either side has to be damn near impossible to suppress all the time. I also think that the reason you have a following is that you’re right you do serve as a voice of the fan without being too annoyingly or overly homeristic about it for the most part.

    On the other hand one of my big pet peeves is when a sports writer lectures fans on how to be fans. I feel as long as you don’t use hate speech or attack non public members of a sports figures/writer’s family everything should pretty much be fair game. Also hate it when a writer plays the we know way more than you so keep your opinions to yourself card. If you want a passive audience then why are you on twitter and why do you allow comment sections on your articles? Been seeing this with a lot with writers on social media lately. Don’t take this as an attack on you personally because I love most of your stuff and I’m a pretty big Sin Bin fan and supporter maybe moreso than even the team you cover and you are super interactive with your readers which I appreciate. I’m just kind of sick of hearing how a fan should react or not react, or think or not think, and what we can comment on or shouldn’t comment on, etc. In Las Vegas where the local media is trying to build and sustain an audience you think some writers (Hill, Graney, etc.) would be a little more grateful that people respond to their stuff. Please don’t turn into an Adam Hill, Ken.

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