Praise Be To Foley, Vegas Golden Knights Hockey Website Podcast #88: Voluntary Retirement

After hearing from the GM that the Shipachyov era is officially over in Vegas. We react to the news, plus talk a lot more about the goings on with the Golden Knights road trip. Hosted by Ken Boehlke and Jason Pothier.

  • What are the actual ramifications of Shipachyov heading back to Russia?
  • A trade on the table that was declined. Probably good for everyone.
  • The Eakin Huala line switch.
  • Leadership, are the Golden Knights proving it to be false?
  • The McPhee “balance.”

And much more…

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Vadim Shipachyov Voluntarily Retires From The NHL


Closing The Book On The Story That Was Vadim Shipachyov


  1. Billy

    This could have been handled in just about any way other than it was. Seems par for the course already with this franchise. Obviously no sane person is going to work for Foley. We’re going to have to overpay free agents now and that ain’t gonna happen because he’s a tight wad

  2. Trevor

    Agree with the idea that Tuch isn’t good on the 3rd line. But he’s not a skill forward: he’s a power forward. Those types of players need distributors that find them at the front of the net. Therefore, I think moving him to the top line makes the most sense


  3. Trevor

    Also, props to Jason for having his head on straight: there’s a lot of building to do before this team is legit. If they make the playoffs, they aren’t beating anyone.

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