Praise Be To Foley, Vegas Golden Knights Hockey Website Podcast #85: Undefeated

We jump back in the studio to relive a lot of unbelievable moments in the first week of Vegas Golden Knights regular season history. Hosted by Ken Boehlke and Jason Pothier.

  • Us getting in trouble in Dallas for “cheering” too much.
  • Winning the first three games.
  • Playoffs in 1?
  • The Vadim Shipachyov speculation train.
  • Predictions for the next three games at T-Mobile Arena.

And much more…

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Power Play Not A Concern For Golden Knights Players And Coach


Advanced Stats Say Hot Start Unsustainable

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  1. Stevie

    Nice work boys! I do wish Ken would get into it a little more, but some people are just naturally laid back I guess.

    For me trust is a gut/feel thing. At a very, very young age my gut told me that there were members of my family that I could not trust and my gut was 100% correct and saved me a lot of heartache. I like to play poker. I am not good enough to read @RealKidPoker and his peers, but against the guys I play with I usually know when I’m beat and when I have the hand. I also have 30 years on you guys and in the next 10-20 years (probably less) of interviews and press conferences, your gut will definitely know when it’s being yanked.

    I greatly admire Ken’s resolve to get the facts in general and specifically with Shippy to pour over hours of quotes to try to find something on which he could hang his hat. My father was a journalist and I won some awards in college. There are far too many writers today reporting as facts that which they have not confirmed. I respect you guys for doing this right and owning inaccuracies (including those in which you were protecting your sources). BIG UPS!!!

    Now, Ken’s research tells us McPhee has not lied, but he has also not given you information that he didn’t want you to have. I would label that dishonest. Part of that is required to do his job effectively. He could not tell you everything about Subban/Pickard and get Pickard through waivers and get that trade done. So, I agree with Jason that GM’s are not forthright if it serves their purpose.

    It is extremely important that McPhee get this Shippy issue resolved correctly because it affects Gusev and future Russian acquisitions. Therefore, it has to be kept in-house to control possible damage. That being the case, I believe it is fair for the media to tell the public the possible reasons for the Shippy Slippy since the media cannot get forthright answers from the Knights. Maybe being sent down is a huge Russian cultural embarrassment to Shippy since he is a star there, maybe Mrs. Shippy doesn’t want her husband living in Chicago with her in Las Vegas (I have seen many wives make career-changing decisions for their athlete/husbands), maybe the language issue and fully understanding the reason McPhee made this move is still part of the problem. It could be all of these, or none of these. It could be something I would never imagine (more likely than any of the others since I’m an idiot). Usually veteran reporters have been through something similar and have 2-3 scenarios that are really good bets to be the reason. But I do feel that it is fair for the media to list the possible reasons (as long as they are labeled as such), since the Knights are not providing answers now. I would never put words in someone’s mouth. I am comfortable in a journalist calling on his experience to give readers possible answers until the actual answers are known.

    Jason, I have seen a few 3 on 5 scores. Usually a speedy defensive point picking a dropped puck or intercepting a cross-zone pass moving toward the blue line and now has the jump on the offensive points; splits them and goes in one-on-one with the goalie.

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