Praise Be To Foley, Vegas Golden Knights Hockey Website Podcast #77: George Parros

Director in Player Saftey for the NHL, former Stanley Cup champion, and Las Vegas resident, George Parros stops by The Space. Plus, Ken releases his frustration over the VGK Road Trip. Hosted by Ken Boehlke and Jason Pothier.

  • The role of the Department of Player Saftey in the NHL.
  • What it’s like to hand out suspensions and then have to speak to the player in the arena.
  • George’s thoughts on the UFC.
  • Wrapping up Nate Schmidt’s arbitration and our continued love of Erik Brannstrom.
  • Has there really been enough community engagement in Las Vegas to do a road trip to Idaho, Montana, and Utah.

And much more…

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  1. Jeff

    Ken, I think your head is in the wrong place as far as the road trip goes. I’d say that the building is pretty much sold out every night this season easily wouldn’t you agree? If not sold out it close enough. So local promotion really isn’t necessary at this point to sell tickets. The buzz for hockey is already through the roof locally. Now, while I agree that local promotion is necessary and needs to happen as the season and future seasons wear on…a road trip like this is necessary at this point of the offseason as any closer to camp it couldn’t happen due to availability of players and coaches. . This is all about building a larger TV market throughout the TV coverage area for Root sports while there is an open opportunity in their schedule to do so.

    • RJ

      Are locals nothing but customers to Foley? The tickets are sold so I’m done with you? Actually, I think you’re exactly right.

      • Jeff

        Just because he’s choosing to promote remotely right now while the team and players have time does not mean local promotion should stop or ramp up in the near future. But, there is an open opportunity right now with the off-season. Since all the tickets are pretty much sold locally why not go and promote the television channels remotely? If there was a lack of interest in ticket sales right now then yes, I would focus my attention locally but since that isn’t the case I think its smart business right now to promote regionally for the TV market and then when Vegas people are more familiar with the players and more of them are actually locally based then have intense local promotion. I don’t get the anger over regional promotion. How about we get to know the players on the ice then send them out to local events and charities.

    • Phisig150

      Buzz is hardly through the roof despite 14k being really into it. 40% was the estimate back in June of the locals that still didnt realize we had a pro team. Local promotion is very much still necessary and we’ve been beggging them for over a year to do something.

      Also there a lot of fans that have either Cox or Century Link so I think that should be more of a ratings concern.

  2. Slack

    I’m gonna have to agree with Ken on this one. Doing this BEFORE doing anything in Henderson, Summerlin, etc. is a huge marketing mistake. I want to be a fan. I’m trying to be a fan. They are making it hard to be a fan.
    Now, as far as the TV deal, would it have not made waaay more sense to go to Root/AT&T first, tell them to strike a deal with Cox AND THEN make an agreement. Who knows, maybe the Stratosphere was booked solid. Ha! All I have to say is, this team BETTER be on cable in it’s home town of Missoula, er, Las Vegas. Tick Tock, Tick Tock….start the clock SinBin.

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