Praise Be To Foley, Vegas Golden Knights Hockey Website Podcast #72: Do The Golden Knights Have Good Players?

Back in the studio to begin what’s likely to be a four to six year debate on how much talent the Vegas Golden Knights actually acquired via the Expansion Draft. Hosted by Ken Boehlke and Jason Pothier.

  • What we took away from Development Camp.
  • Oscar Lindberg’s contract and future.
  • Signing, re-signing, and trading to bring in the missing pieces.
  • Ken tries to play a probability game, Jason has none of it.
  • Fan questions.

And much more…

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Better Find A Center, Otherwise The Struggles Will Start And Never End



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  1. RJ

    As always nice podcast. You’re finally getting some actual content to talk about, so that improves quality for sure.

    I just want to be sure you and everyone else understand, I’m not a ‘win now’ guy. As a matter of fact, I dont think I’ve seen anyone on the blog or in the posts on twitter that is advocating win now. Of course there are some dummies that think we should have gotten Kane and Getzlaf and win the cup this year, but I dont think you have any of those in your ‘regular’ crowd.

    I do want us to be better than what we are going to be in 2017. I think we are the 31st best team, and we aren’t close to 30th. Moreover, I think that’s on purpose. McPhee built a team to lose as many games as possible. I know it SEEMS like the opposite of that is to WIN as many games as possible, but thats not what I am talking about. I dont want to be an embarrassment. I don’t want Las Vegas to resent the NHL team for ripping them off for a $300 jersey and couple $200 tickets just to see a terrible team play a boring game. Maybe in 5-10 years we are going to put together a decent team, but no one in town will notice because they will have already made up their mind on hockey.

    And who can blame them? If someone tried to sell you a new product, “you dont know what this is, and it is $5000 a year, and it SUCKS right now, but someday, if everything goes exactly according to plan, it will be fun”. Obviously that is a big no thank you, but that’s exactly what Foley is trying to tell the 99% of Las Vegans who have never had skates on and just dont know if they like hockey or not.

    So I ask, please don’t call us the ‘win now crowd’, because that is NOT what most of us think. We are the ‘entertaining now crowd’. Or the ‘not a complete embarrassment crowd’. Maybe the ‘get our money’s worth crowd’.


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