Praise Be To Foley, Vegas Golden Knights Hockey Website Podcast #68: Anxious Yet Nervous

After a pair of Golden Knights hosted events, the boys are back in the studio to talk about the week to come. Hosted by Ken Boehlke and Jason Pothier.

  • What was the point of the event Downtown?
  • Ken’s nerves about the Expansion Draft.
  • Much more on the fascinating Anaheim Ducks expansion situation
  • Fan questions plus a voice memo from Cameron.
  • TV ratings for the first road game

And much more…

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NMCs Causing All Sorts Of Expansion Speculation


Gallant Will Be “Sitting Back Watching” During Expansion Draft

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  1. 006

    Speculation* is that since there has been basically no trade-related news between other teams coming out, that McPhee is just collecting picks and prospects from other GM’s to allow them to keep their desired rosters intact (i.e. Minnesota and Anaheim). So on June 21st (nothing can be leaked before then) during the “big announcement” for trades, you will see a bunch of “X team gives Golden Knights a 2nd round draft pick”.

    C’mon Knights! You’re boring the NHL before you even take the ice (with your more boring team because your GM took draft picks instead of players). ; )

    You are Las Vegas! Where’s the flash? The sizzle? The drama!

    *This is speculation. For the excitement of your fan base, let’s hope this does not happen, and you ice the best team possible next season (although all those picks will give you the better team 5 years from now). 😀

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