Praise Be To Foley, Vegas Golden Knights Hockey Website Podcast #67: Connor Fields

We had the honor of having Olympic gold medalist Connor Fields in studio with us to talk BMX, Olympics, Vegas, hockey, and plenty more. Hosted by Ken Boehlke and Jason Pothier.

  • Connor explains the wonders of being at the Olympics.
  • NHL players and the Olympics.
  • Media coverage (or lack there of) and the impact on Connor.
  • Here’s the gold medal race. (He’s the guy who wins)
  • Ken and Jason recap the interview and the importance of telling athletes stories.

And much more…

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**Thank you so much to Connor Fields and Laura Gruninger for coming in and joining the show.**


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  1. PhiSig 150

    I think what you’re trying to get at is why do we, as fans, identify with our teams. For some fans it’s a certain player they fell in love with (I’m a Broncos fan because of Elway). For some fans it’s a family tradition they grew up with (I’m a Dodgers fan because my family is, we went to games, Scully was always on the tv or on the radio in the car). Some times a city just embraces the team and it becomes part of the fabric of the place (I think the Lakers and Dodgers for me has reached this level same with Cubs in Chicago Sox in Boston). This team currently can’t do anything about players yet (cough cough Ovechkin cough). Nor can they do anything to speed up what comes naturally with the passage of time. They could however be doing a hell of a lot more to endear themselves with our city.

    Name (not to keep harping on it) could have been a start. Marketing dollars could have been spent in creative ways but it really hasn’t been. So far all it’s been is do a couple things with kids in a park have an open house and call it a day. There’s no hype, no buzz, no excitement. Just crickets. I think Foley is going with let the product speak for itself strategy. Problem is we haven’t had a product in a year and the prouct for the next couple of years is going to suck then BAM the Raiders will be here. The Knights right now are just a team in our city. They haven’t become OUR team in our city. Sour keeps making excuses and being an apologist for the business side of the club but tell me Unc Sour where’s the buzz around town then if they’re doing such a great job??? There is none outside of a tiny bubble on twitter and this site.

    • Joe


      Just absolutely spot on comments once again. I’ve cut my posting way, way back because 95% of the time you take the words right out of my mouth.

      Perfectly said about the buzz. There is none. Like you said, it’s just in this very small bubble—–the whole LV valley doesn’t really care at all.

      I think Foley is making a tremendous mistake in his decision making of thinking that the product just sells itself. The NHL is the fourth sport of the major four and that will likely never change. I think when people get a taste of what the Knights are going to charge for single game seats that reality will quickly set in that it’s not some cheap family entertainment option. Going to watch NHL hockey and playing hockey ain’t cheap. I applaud the team for handing out plastic sticks but somehow thinking that this will translate to kids getting on the ice is utterly delusional. I know they have a program about trying hockey and giving out gear for free but the reality is that ice time ain’t cheap. Nor are replacing skates/broken sticks etc. Bottom line is that hockey requires money to play and attend. Again I’m not trying to be an elitist ahole about it all , because I’d love to see all kids play ice hockey and experience how phenomenal it is (Btw stop being an fn pussy about it Ken and learn to skate. Your in your fn 20s for shits sake. Sign up for a learn to skate at either the LVIC or the new rink. No excuses! Yeah you will fall. Get back up and do it again). But let’s get real about it and what lasting effect it is going to have on kids really becoming passionate about hockey. Case in point is Ken. Grew up in the Midwest, in cold weather, with NHL nearby and still didn’t care about the NHL, have a team, or play hockey. Again, let’s just keep it real around here.

      Speaking of more blunders, don’t know if you saw it or not Phi, but there was an article in the RJ written by Jaworwski(sp?) in which he said that Bubolz had no idea that Att-Directv owns ROOT sports? Seriously?!?!? WTF. They just assume that DTV is just going to hand over ROOT sports to Cox for pennies. Uh, as Dodger fans, going into year 4 of the tv debacle, we know that assumptions should not be made about broadcasting rights being given to competitors as a given. Jaworski has a great line in which he says that instead of worrying about becoming the team of the Rockies that Foley might want to concentrate on becoming the team of southern Nevada first.

      Anywho, keep making sure that good ol uncle sour keeps getting told he is delusional about what the reality is with the team and how the community as a whole, outside this bubble, feels about the team…….or more realistically doesn’t give a flying F at this point.

  2. Phisig150

    Yep Dodger fans know the pain. A beloved local team used as levarge in tv carrier powerplays. I think tv is really the way to grow the game. You’re right the cost of going to a game (I’ll be at maybe 3) and especially the astronomical cost of playing is going to be limited in attracting young fans. Got to get the city excited first and get people tuning in. I’ve watched far far more games on tv than I’ve ever attended. I just wish this whole enterprise had more of a civic feel but you’re on to something it’s been very elitist so far. We’ll focus on the people that are a “good return on investment” first then get to the rest of you unwashed masses later. How douchey and elitist does the jersey reveal sound? Be careful Foley the wine and cheese crowd are very fickle you’ll need us beer drinking slobs one day.

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