Praise Be To Foley, Vegas Golden Knights Hockey Website Podcast #62: Nehme Abouzeid

We are pleased to be joined by Chief Marketing Officer, Nehme Abouzeid. This is about as in depth as you can possibly go on the Vegas Golden Knights marketing plan. Hosted by Ken Boehlke and Jason Pothier.

  • How will things change marketing wise when the team has players to market?
  • How important is the team’s success going to be on the long term success of the marketing plan?
  • There actually is a marketing budget despite what the world thinks of The Creator’s pocketbook.
  • What’s coming up for the Golden Knights?
  • Experiencial marketing, what is it how are the Golden Knights expecting to use it?

And much more…

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**Huge thank you to Nehme for graciously coming on the podcast, staying for over two hours, and not backing away from any questions we asked**


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  1. PhiSig 150

    Solid show. You were a bit softball but he did to seem to be pretty open and offered up reasonable explanations with minimal amount of bullshit. I still think more could have been done over the last year and some opportunity and valuable time was lost but hey I’m not the marketing expert and it’s not my money so whatever. If it wasn’t for Sin Bin I’m not sure how much I would care about this team at this point. Seems like there’s been many more disappointments the past year than things that got people absolutely psyched hopefully this will begin to change as the season draws closer. I expect big things (soon?) but I do worry we’ll get more of the same and then another round of well reasoned excuses.

    Can’t believe jerseys still won’t be available until the fall (not blaming his infallible holiness). I’d be curious to see how quickly the MLB and NFL had jerseys available for sale to the public for the last few expansions teams.

  2. Jeff Kruger

    This was a great segment. Mr. Abouzeid was approachable, candid and articulate.
    Jason and Ken did a fine job in engaging the CMO with relevant questions/issues on the team’s plan, vision and what might be next on the horizon.

    Important take-aways for me were:
    Separate marketing plans for parent VGK and youth hockey/community outreach. Getting crumbs, not a full torrent of marketing — is a result of short gear-up window for the Vegas franchise. Nehme indicated the team is still dedicated to attracting great marketing talent. But while adding additional creative personnel is imminent, it must be done at the appropriate time. The pace of promoting the team might not suit everyone liking, but it’s definitely happening — there is relevant and up-to-date LV hockey news every day.

    His promise to provide the resources needed to market and promote this product effectively was refreshing to hear. I consider him to be an important hire for VGK. His background, leadership and experience will be instrumental in powering this organization’s success. Anyone who has worked for Steve Wynn and Sheldon Adelson understands that you must be smarter than the situation in order to be successful. He’s enjoyed a truly valuable training ground. Nehme’s take on experiencial marketing is on-target — it’s about the taste, touch and feel of an event. More than the sum of the parts, it’s about earning good-will of participants as well as exceeding the expectation of your guests. This will be an important component of the upcoming Vegas hockey experience. Consumers vote with their dollars, so their game-day affair must be stellar and worthwhile.

    Enjoyed hearing about his hockey connection to Boston, something he and I share.
    Wikid pissah! Mutheragawd, go Pats!

    Finally, tip of the hat to SinBin, for keeping their finger on the pulse of this fledgling franchise, and providing an opportunity for their key industry players to come in and share their respective points of view. There are so many different facets of rolling out this exciting hockey new adventure in LV. Good stuff, guys!

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