Praise Be To Foley, Vegas Golden Knights Hockey Website Podcast #59: Tony Cordasco

Back in the studio after a short hiatus, we are joined by Las Vegas local legend, Tony Cordasco. Hosted by Ken Boehlke and Jason Pothier.

  • Tony explains his involvement in Dark 4 Tark.
  • The Raiders are coming.
  • Golden Knights marketing plan with the Raiders in play.
  • Voice memo from Matt.
  • Tony’s interesting way of landmarking Las Vegas locations.
  • How should the Golden Knights treat the Raiders publicly?

And much more…

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**Thanks again to Tony Cordasco for joining us. You can find his company at Dasco Events and catch him on Sports Adrenaline every Thursday.


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  1. PhiSig 150

    Great podcast. Love when you guys have a guest in. Couple of points:

    The Raiders are not going to do anything to help the Knights succeed. That idea is ludicrous. For the average Las Vegas consumer there’s only so much disposable income. If I decide to take my family of four to a game when the Broncos are in town that’s less games I can attend and less money I can spend on the Knights. I think Foley will do more promote the team if he takes a friendly Anti-Raider stance. There’s plenty of people that hate the Raiders and hate how the whole deal went down. If I was Foley my pitch would be if you want to tell the Raiders and the politicians in their back pockets to go f*** themselves then ignore them and come over to the Knights and support my club that was done the right way. Make this THE team of Las Vegas. Make it a point of civic pride. Make local sports great again. Las Vegas first. China later. Knights are for locals and their families the Raiders are for casino whales and thugs from LA.

    Using public money for stadiums is never a good return on investment. Las Vegas will be no different. Do we really expect the stadium to generate 25-30 million per year for 30 years after expenses the city incurs. I wish people would stop saying the 750 million is coming from tourists and has no impact on Nevada tax payers. It’s still 750 million that could have been spent in other needed areas. It’s also a stream of revenue that is no longer available to the city. If we need money in the future we’re not going to be raising the room taxes anytime soon. So my property taxes will probably be the tax that is raised. Not to mention what happens if our country goes through another major recession and tourism takes another big hit. City is still on the hook.

    I disagree that Golden Knights laid the groundwork for a NFL team coming here. If the NHL awarded the expansion team to Quebec I’m 100% certain the Raiders would still be coming here. Also I a little worried that Foley didn’t see the Raiders as a real possibility and act accordingly. I’ve been hearing murmurs about Raiders moving here for at least a year. Even if they never did come Foley still needed to work his ass off to sell this game to new fans. Resting on his laurels after 16000 tickets were sold is so damn arrogant, shortsighted and aggravating. If it wasn’t for discovering Sin Bin I know I wouldn’t be as excited as I am about the upcoming season and that’s sad. It was Foley’s job to get me on the Knights bandwagon not Ken and Jason’s. I have a feeling he reads this site from time to time so with all due respect Mr. Foley PROMOTE THE GODDAMN TEAM ALREADY.

  2. PhiSig 150

    I’m also curious what Sin Bin’s stance will be regarding the Raiders. I personally like F*ck the Raiders. I think you could even make some merchandise that would sell like crazy. If Foley doesn’t want to continue to antagonize the Raiders I hope Sin Bin fills in the void. It’s ok to be Raider hating underdogs. It could be like we’re punk rock and they’re bloated corporate rock. The Knights are the Ramones and the Raiders are the Eagles. Us vs Them could work in our favor. Yeah our fan base will never be as big as the Raiders but who cares we’re cooler.

    • I’m definitely on the screw the Raiders bandwagon, but I have to say I doubt we go too heavy in that direction publicly consistently. I will say this, you aren’t going to find me putting out “Congrats to the Raiders” tweets.

      Well done on the metaphor.

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