The day T-Mobile became the title sponsor of the cathedral we hope to one day house the Stanley Cup, Ken and Dana jump back into the studio to talk about a wide range of topics. Most related to hockey, but well, take a listen, it gets out there. Hosted by Ken Boehlke.

  • Ken and Dana share their thoughts on the name T-Mobile Arena.
  • The difference between starting an NHL franchise and moving an NFL franchise.
  • Dana is ridiculously loyal to sponsors involved with the potential new team.
  • Is there anything wrong with the brownish color on the backside of the arena.
  • Dana hasn’t seen (or even heard of) Making a Murderer.
  • How do actions and thoughts shape how others in society view people in their past, presently, and in the future.
  • Don’t look it up. If you don’t know what Ken is referencing, don’t look it up. Just don’t do it, believe us.
  • Fan questions submitted via Twitter.

And much more…

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