Praise Be To Foley, Vegas Golden Knights Hockey Website Podcast #48: Move On

This episode focuses almost exclusively on Vegas hockey. Weird. Hosted by Ken Boehlke and Jason Pothier.

  • Sticking up for the anti “time to move on” crowd.
  • The Creator’s mistake in selecting team name.
  • Jason all of a sudden decides we don’t want to offend people.
  • Send the email to Cox about the documentary!
  • Ken gets very upset about not being invited to all of the most important moments in the Expansion Process shown in the first episode.
  • How the team should spend their money early on.

And much more…

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Help Get The Geo-Restrictions Reversed On The Behind The Vegas Ice Documentary


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  1. PhiSig 150

    I am kind of getting burnt out on talking/reading/listening about the name, trademark law, and if Foley or Jesus is the greatest person to ever walk the Earth. So how are you and Jason going to help us with our crash course in hockey? Some things that would helpful:

    1) I have started watching some hockey but it would be helpful if you could clue us into good games during the week to watch and why (important players, likely future Knights , good fundamentals, etc.)

    2) Highlight a team a week and breakdown the players that might be available for the expansion draft and why we should be excited if we land them. It sounds like you might be doing this in future podcasts but a weekly article would be great too.

    3) A breakdown of the entry draft detailing which players we should hope fall to us.

    4) An article or podcast that serves as a quick 101 of rules or lingo that might be foreign to many of us (a little deeper than what a hat trick or icing is).

    5) Somewhere we can submit our questions to, for future podcast discussions and articles.

    6) We need a team to hate to unify us (it has to be the Kings doesn’t it?) So we need to first figure out to select the this team (until a natural rival emerges) and then we need in depth discussions and articles on why this team sucks and its fan base blows.

    I keep hearing get over the name or (the new and nicer version of Ken) I get why you’re stuck on the name but get over it and focus on hockey. I suppose I could try to find a lot of this online myself but I’m busy, lazy, and already have a lot of different sports vying for my free time (upcoming NFL playoffs, UFC, NBA season in full swing, MLB free agency) so help me out with some cliff notes. You want us to stop talking about the name then give us something else to talk about (like the head coaching candidates, shady GMs, and Raanta articles or the Kane podcast segment).

  2. James

    @Ken Boehlke
    ‘How the team should spend their money early on.’

    This is a very interesting topic for a rainy day.

    A lack of talent in the expansion draft could benefit Vegas. One could argue that we would be better off in the long run on the ice by being godawful. I wouldn’t mind 5 years of top-five picks. Jason Pothier seems intent on icing the best team possible, but actually the mushy middle is least desirable place to be. Do we really want to be the nondescript Minnesota Wild?

    On the other hand, 5 years of top-five picks could destroy the fan base.

  3. Jason Pothier

    PhiSig, great suggestions. I plan on writing some 101 lingo, strategies and rules posts after the new year. Check out some of my past posts on possible draft picks and expansion selections. We’ll have many more of those coming up. Great stuff and send me suggestions any time.

    James I think you got me confused with Ken. I totally agree with you, I’d rather see 5 top picks then ice the best team possible. I’ve argued that McPhee build a roster with expiring contracts and draft picks. Build the organization on talent and smart contracts. I’ve also voiced Analytic influence to help make impactful decisions without overspending. It sounds easy. I’d rather watch a young, experience building club over a slightly competing veteran squad. Either way good conversation.

  4. James

    @Jason Pothier
    Here’s another suggestion, posts on watching hockey smarter: a fan’s guide for beginners and semi-experts. What to watch out for on the Ice – The game moves so fast, I’m really interested in reading about the nuances and intricacies of the game. Discovering the game within the game. I agree with Ryan the Hockey Guy from the Rink Rats Podcast. Knowledge makes the sport more enjoyable for me.

    • Joe

      James, I hope I’m not being captain obvious here or sounding like a douche, but if you are new to the game, in terms of really trying to get to learn all the nuances of hockey, I’d highly, highly recommend that you go to a Storm game or UNLV game at the Las Vegas Ice Center (Flamingo and 215). You will be able to quickly pick up a lot things, and subtleties, by seeing how they play. They are young guys that play at a really high pace.

      If you can only get to one game, I’d recommend that you watch a period from a center ice vantage point. I’d also recommend that you then also watch another period from behind the net. Reason being is that you will see and pick up different things from each vantage point.

      Kinda like riding a bike or swimming there’s really no way to pick it up other than jumping right on or in.

      I don’t know if it’s feasible/realistic for you but if someday you start playing hockey, you will also view the game in a much different way too than someone who has never played. Again, not to sound douchey but if you play something you view it in a different way than those that don’t.

      The fact that you are now interested in hockey is awesome and I really hope that you become as passionate as I am about the sport. To me, there’s nothing like it. I look forward to us all having some really good discussions in the future.

      • James

        I live in the United Kingdom. I’ve been lucky to go to four NHL games, but hockey has always been my fourth favourite North American sport. I didn’t really understand the sport at the time. I didn’t start following the sport religiously until the expansion talk arose. I’ve always wanted to follow a North American sports team since day one in the internet era. I’ve been reading up, listening and watching the sport for the past three years. Now that I’ve brushed up on the sport, I would love to go to a game again and see it through different eyes. I think I’m going to be a NHL GameCenter Live subscriber for life. Having a favourite team to root for will take my fandom to new heights. So I’m particularly interested in the art of watching hockey on television. It’s a different animal than going to a game due to the camera angles. Watching on TV can be challenging. For instance, you can’t see the benches or the neutral zone at times.

        I agree that it would help if I played the game. I can’t even skate. Haven’t tried since childhood. Having never played the game, I’m lacking hockey sense. There’s only so much you can pick up from reading a book.

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