Praise Be To Foley, Vegas Golden Knights Hockey Website Podcast #45: Vegas Golden Knights

The night after the team name unveil event we jump back in the studio to talk about the name, the logos, the event itself, and much more. Hosted by Ken Boehlke and Jason Pothier.

  • A huge thank you to the fans of the site for supporting us, which has given us the opportunity to cover the team like very few outlets.
  • Losing the Las
  • #VideoGate
  • Thanksgiving and Black Friday
  • Jason likes quinoa, Ken is not thrilled.
  • Voice memos from Eric, James, and Hazen.

And much more…

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Interview: CMO Nehme Abouzeid On Unveil Event


NMC List Finalized And Sent To All NHL Teams


  1. James

    The logo of the NHL’s Vegas Golden Knights resembles a barbute, but with a V-shaped opening.

    A barbute is a visorless war helmet of 15th-century Italian design, often with distinctive “T” shaped or “Y” shaped opening for the eyes and mouth. The barbute resembles classical Greek helmets (most strikingly the Corinthian) and may have been influenced by the renewed interest in ancient artifacts common during this period.

    Unlike the sallet, the barbute seems to have enjoyed little popularity outside Italy.

    The main differences between the barbute and the Greek hoplite’s helm to which it is often compared is the difference in material and the lack of a prominent decorative crest. Ancient Greeks used bronze, while most barbutes were constructed of steel.

    The Star Wars characters, Boba Fett and Jango Fett, also wear helmets with a T-shaped visor that vaguely resembles a barbute, as do most other Mandalorians and Phase I Clonetroopers within the franchise.

    In Marvel Comic’s X-Men, villain Magneto wears a specialized barbute to thwart psychic abilities that might be used against him.

  2. Jay the ProAudioDude

    Ken…great to see you on Tuesday whilst wearing my sin bin shirt. In response to your question within the podcast of what was being said when McPhee was speaking, the drunk dudes by the lighting truss (house left, stage right) were shouting “all we do is win”…which was funny the first couple times they said it, then become embarrassing as you could tell McPhee was getting kind of annoyed.

    I was proud to see so many folks turn out for this event. I think you underestimate the influence the sin bin site has on the local hockey fans here in town. I know for myself, your site was/is the only true source of news through the entire process of the NHL coming to town and now the most raw and honest info for our new team.

    Keep up the good work
    Go Knights!!


    • Great seeing you as well my man. Thank you for the update on what was going on with McPhee, and a huge thanks for the kind words about the site. So happy you said raw and honest, that’s exactly what we go for. We cannot be bought, we cannot be swayed, and we will never stray from what we believe is the truth, it’s great to see that’s recognized.

  3. sparky chewbarky

    I luv ya Ken, (in a manly way of course), but I hafta agree with Eric …It should have been “Las Vegas” instead of “Vegas”….a few observations…
    First of all…
    People who like “Vegas” would be ok with “Las Vegas”.
    However, on the flip side, people who prefer “Las Vegas” are NOT ok with “Vegas”.
    I get that. Las Vegans love the name of their city.
    So, considering the above, why go with “Vegas”?
    I’ve read numerous articles on how the city and its residents want to be “about more than just the strip”. The NHL wants to distance itself from “the Strip”. (That’s the BS reason for not allowing “Aces”.)
    So, considering the above, why go with “Vegas”?
    The “Las Vegas” brand is just as strong (maybe stronger) than “Vegas”. It’s not “Viva Vegas” for cryin’ out loud. It looks just as good visually. Las Vegas is a beautiful name.
    So, considering the above, why go with “Vegas”?

    The ONLY reason I can see, for going with “Vegas” is to justify that “V” logo.
    When I see “V” I think of Vancouver.
    The “V” logo and “Vegas” moniker was a convenient cop-out.

  4. Michael

    I have to agree with Sparky here. Also, how can you guys not know that “Las” is a plural of “the” in Spanish? “Las Vegas” means “The Meadows.” Your resident cards are revoked, ha ha.

  5. Joe

    It is a well known West Point and US Army tradition and code of honor to own up to obvious mistakes. In fact, a West Pointer gains extra recognition and prestige among his or her peers to acknowledge a mistake and make amends.
    In this case, all he needs to do is insert three letters: “LAS”. He would literally receive countless accolades and praise from tens of thousands of prideful residents of this great city.

    He has a small window of time to remedy this grievous and disrespectful, and indisputable error– About from now to Christmas. In fact why not announce this essentially mandatory correction on Christmas Eve. He can boast this correction is another tribute to this great city.

    I won’t repeat the same outstanding and true comments why the singular “Vegas” name was grossly foolish and basically deplorable. However, the point is this error casts a “cloud” or “resentment” over this owner and franchise which is frankly absolutely unnecessary. Why alienate so many residents? Why provoke and aggravate such hard feelings? The city should be unified and 100% on board with this name correction that makes perfect sense.

    Therefore, this is and should be correctable in the spirit of unity, commaradity, and common pride for the true and authentic name of this great all-American city worldwide known affectionately as “LAS VEGAS”!

    • But… they’ve already sold hundreds of thousands of dollars of merchandise. As disrespectful and deplorable (I hate that word so much now) as it feels to Las Vegas residents who feel slighted, it would be a lot worse for the folks who spent money to buy gear that would be out of date a month from when they purchased it.

      • Joe

        We will have to agree to disagree, my friend. Look at it this way. Nobody is asking that they put an “L” into the helmet to go with the “V”. The Kings use LA in their official logo. Locally, the Storm use LV in their logo too on one variation of their jerseys (which is the same logo as the Kings). The “V” can represent either “Vegas” or be a V to symbolize victory (think USC Trojans). I don’t even care if they still want to have merch that only says “Vegas” on it. Fine, no problem there. Just add the LAS to the formal name and make some, not all, merch with LAS in it and all the issues are cured. They obviously don’t have tons of merch already printed up since The NHL shop isn’t going to be shipping until mid or late December anyway. Plus some of the merch has no wording on it right now anyway.

        Ken, another point. Everytime Foley says LAS Vegas it just rubs further salt in the wound. Be consistent. If he is trying to “connect” with us locals, his rationale (or excuse) for why he dropped the LAS, then every single time that he refers to City he should be saying only “Vegas”, right? I mean he said it that us locals only refer to it as “Vegas” and it’s the tourists that refer to it as LAS. Even Bettman at the reveal used LAS every single time he referenced the City. Check the tape.

        Last point. Ken, will a single person be angry or pissed off if they put the LAS in the formal name (aside from your merch issue which I’m not buying …..literally and figuratively)? No, because as Sparky astutely pointed out those who will shorten to “Vegas” will continue to do so.

        • I hear ya. If you aren’t asking for them to change the word mark and you are ok with the disconnect between it and the actual team name (which I am), then we are in agreeable, I’m good with adding the Las to the name.

      • sparky chewbarky

        All those lucky folks will have invested in a collector’s item.

        • James

          @sparky chewbarky
          I guess you could argue that Bill Foley would receive good press if he swapped people’s merchandise over free of charge and donated the Vegas Golden Knights merchandise to charity. There was a conspiracy theory that video gate was a publicity stunt, which Foley denied on TSN Over Drive. Apparently he had a 2.5 hour meeting with AEG who were responsible for the gaffe. AEG didn’t have a backup.

          One could argue that the gaffe was a blessing in disguise. There is no such thing as bad publicity. See the Chevy: Technology and stuff. Everyone’s talking about the Vegas Golden Knights thanks to the gaffe.

          I just think it would be really confusing to change the identity of the team after just 8 weeks. For better or for worse Vegas Golden Knights should remain the name. At least for the forseeable future. This topic was discussed on months ago. Foley didn’t go blindly into this. Personally, I think it had more to do with shortening the name than what locals refer to. Foley still says Las Vegas in media interviews.

  6. James

    It’s a case of picking your poison. One could argue that Vegas Golden Knights is the lesser of two evils. Would you prefer the wordy Las Vegas Golden Knights? Personally, I prefer Vegas Golden Knights.

    The franchise would be a laughing stock if they made a name change now, especially after video gate. Mr. Foley would have to swap people’s merchandise over free of charge or have a public relations nightmare on his hands.

    However, I saw the uproar coming a mile away.

    Here’s a passage from Phil Esposito’s book Thunder and Lightning:

    ‘I walked into the back room of Malio’s and met Henry Paul, Tom McEwen, a longtime sports columnist for the Tampa Tribune…

    McEwen was the first to speak. He asked about my plans.
    ”I intend to put an expansion team in Tampa,” I said.
    McEwen said, ”The first lesson I’m giving you: you call it Tampa Bay.”
    ”Okay, Thanks,” I said. And from that day I always said ”Tampa Bay.”

  7. James

    @Ken Boehlke
    It’s funny you brought up Murray Craven, apparently he wanted to be the president of hockey operations for the Vegas Golden Knights straight off the bat. It’s happened before, Trevor Linden was named the President of Hockey Operations for the Canucks with a lack of experience.

  8. Dwayne Lucyk

    Originally I was against the dropping of LAS. Now that it is official, maybe it is a blessing in disguise. For now, it will hopefully stop any of the print media from the temptation of using LAST VEGAS in the title of their articles at anytime during the 5 building years, if/when the team is in last place in the division, conference, or overall. Last place is not a bad thing in years 2 to 5, since George is intent on building a team through the draft. Once the 5 years are over, I vote to add LAS back into the name for better or worse.

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