Former Assistant General Manager of the Minnesota Wild during the 2000 Expansion Draft, current NHL agent/advisor, and author of the book “How To Bake an NHL Franchise From Scratch: The First Era of the Minnesota Wild,” Tom Lynn joins the show. Hosted by Ken Boehlke.

  • Tom gives us a quick background of his career.
  • The difference between the expansion rules the Wild faced vs. those the Vegas franchise will face.
  • How early success can get in the way of the long term plan.
  • Tom talks about how incredible of a hire Kelly McCrimmon was for Las Vegas.
  • The “He stop hockey!” story, and how it relates to the idea of drafting contracts rather than players at times in the Expansion Draft.
  • The massive difference between building a culture in Las Vegas vs. Minnesota.

And much more…

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**Thank you very much once again to Tom Lynn for joining the podcast, buy his book now on, believe me, it’s well worth it.**