Praise Be To Foley, Vegas Golden Knights Hockey Website Podcast #315: Marchessault Walks

The Golden Knights failed to come to an agreement with Jonathan Marchessault, and now the most important player in franchise history is a Nashville Predator. Hosted by Ken Boehlke and Jason Pothier.

  • Rant on Marchessault leaving
  • The replacements
  • Is the window shutting?
  • Finding more goals
  • Trevor Connelly

And much more…

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  1. Ken Hates The Front Office

    There are two things (at least) that are amusing, hilarious really, about all the fans that are pissed off about the current roster.

    1 – We’re about 49 hours into FA, it’s very likely the roster is NOT set to go for Opening Night

    2- Most of the people freaking out about the recent departures are the very same people that have been screaming for years that the roster is “too old” and that we need to get younger.

    Well folks, the roster just got younger. Did anyone honestly think we were never going to play any of our younger prospects? SMH…

  2. Michael Shevlane

    I can see both sides of it – the FO is paid to win games and cups, and as they already have the hardest trophy in sports to win on the mantle, they have earned some trust. Being overly sentimental is a short cut to being stuck with crappy contracts for old players and having a long rebuild.

    However…there are exceptions to every rule, and context to every decision, and Marchy seemed like the guy you make the exception for. The face of (the albeit short history) sports in Vegas, Conn Smythe winner, and absolute center of locker room chemistry, he seems like the guy you keep around to be the first true career legend at 10 years or more with the franchise. You don’t want to make too many of those exceptions, but he is the guy you consider making it for.

    Both sides have compelling arguments. I will say that if Vegas hit a rebuild in the next few seasons, it is going to be a lot harder to sell tickets when every fan favorite has been shipped out. If your ONLY focus is to win, how do you sell fans on coming to watch a losing team?

  3. DeezNutz

    I have absolutely zero problem with losing all of those players. Now if only we could get out of Stone and Pietrangelo’s contracts we could really turn this team around quick. Yes we won a Stanley Cup but we probably have 2 of them if the team didn’t completely shit the bed against Montreal and even Dallas (both series) losing Carrier would be a big loss if he wasn’t a giant fucking band-aid. We can all point to Marchy’s 40 goals but let’s see if he can replicate that performance for the next 2-3 seasons. Now if only we could get out of Stone and Pietrangelo’s contracts!

  4. NAM

    I don’t put a lot of stock in Marchessault saying Vegas didn’t try hard enough. It’s all lip service and because McCrimmon is a douche bag every one wants to believe it. The only difference between a great deal and not trying hard enough deal to Marchessault is 1 year of contract, not the dollar amount. We don’t know numbers but I bet Vegas offered 6x4years and Marchessault didn’t take it cause it wasn’t 5 years. McCrimmon said as much about the 5 year term. IMO Marchessault took a weak 5.5×5 year offer which makes me think he already knew NSH’s grand moves and it was premeditated. I don’t care about all of that really, but I do turn that around on Marchessault and say he didn’t try hard enough. If he wanted to stay here, 1 year wouldn’t have broke the camels back. That extra year on a weak deal speaks volumes.

    He was always one of my favorite players here, but if he has a 20 goal season this year for NSH it wouldn’t bother me one bit.

    On the flip side. Stephenson…fucking insane money. Man I thought that dude lost a step this year (well the whole team kind of did), but crap that is insane money and even more insane term. If I was a player I would be tripping over myself to sign with his agent.

    • Tim

      You are so right what Seattle gave Stephenson and the term was insanity. That GM is actually running a pro team now good luck with that Seattle. While were throwing players to the curb let’s figure out a way to send Stone and Petro out of town. There close to 20 million could be better spent on some youth.

      • ThG

        “While were throwing players to the curb ”

        really ? did you fall off your rocker again in last week ?

        VGK made them legit offers, and knew they were going to get paid due to
        them being veteran SC winners. Go back to watching guardians, what ever they are. Still waiting for legit answer, what is a Cleveland Guardian guarding ?

        • Tim

          Alright I will clear up the name associated with Clevelands baseball team. In downtown Cleveland close to the stadium there is a bridge and on this bridge there are huge deco statues from a time gone bye which are the Guardians of the bridge hence the nick name Guardians. Cleveland was fine with Indians but in this politicly current world we live in pressure to change the name brought about a historic site in Cleveland the Guardian bridge as a replacement. OK THG that should clear it up I hope.

          • ThG

            so the iconic Cleveland Indian name was changed by feckless, coward owners to name team after statues on a bridge ??

            how utterly pathetic

            Bob Feller must be rolling in his grave ! As well as Bill Wambsganss , who you were probably alive at time to see him play?!?

  5. Donald J Trump

    For writers who are statistic and metrics driven on this website, and to totally poo poo the FO metrics focus on metrics/statistics is pure bull shit and hypocrisy.

    They hate that the FO is close to a player ? Come on , more bull shit. FO didn’t say it was harder on them than on fans ? or something else, don’t put stuff in their presser, and it’s stupid to say such shit.

    There are so many positive stories coming out of this draft with players that they drafted and trades made, these writers are lazy and missing all the good stuff.

    One writer wrote that FO was arrogant in picking no. 1 pick. Another bull shit opinion piece. Completely ignoring the fact that Logan Thompson wanted to leave and wanted to be no.1 goalie elsewhere (he wasn’t no. 1 here). If that isn’t real arrogance by a player wanting to leave, I don’t know what is. The writer doesn’t know meaning of arrogance.

    This podcast completely ignores the team, and fact that VGK got a number of potentially good players to make up for sal cap . They got the 28 year old Swedish forward from Buffalo, Eichels buddy , they got Holtz, they got a back up goalie, they got a third stream goalie. IF they signed no. 81 they would not have been able to make all of these moves.

    They also fail to mention no. 81 choked in game 7.

    They also fail to mention no. 81 had a deal on table until ONE DAY BEFORE THE DRAFT. And no. 81 turned it down. Hello no. 81 turned it DOWN. Say it again, NO> 81 decided to leave, it’s not the FO ‘s fault. that is on no. 81. No. 81 owns it.

    They are down grading Brisson who hasn’t played a whole season ? More bull shit.

    “you can’t trade him” more bull shit. Trevor is good, he has good support team and he’s buddies with another draft pick, who sticks up for him. So these so called writers, podcasters, don’t know shit. As usual.

    Chemistry merchants ? Marty ? He was terrible. Thompson ? Poor play.

  6. DeezNutz

    So now Marchy is saying that the GM offered him the same amount of money except deferred whatever that means. Either way it sounds like Marchy wanted the maximum amount and really wasn’t willing to budge to stay in Vegas. I also think there was tension between him and Bruse and possibly the FO. Loved the guy but like I said earlier I am perfectly fine with losing him I still remember the Montreal series! Good riddance!

  7. ThG

    fans are turning on marchy

    one year doesn’t make difference in “remainder of career”
    , you had offer on table, got greedy, declined offer because of one year. You own this.
    Taxi Guy
    Sorry Johnny they traded everybody this year
    Becky with the okayist hair
    He sounds more and more like a spoiled child with every new interview. He admits this morning that VGK offered him about the same as Nash. He would have stayed if he really wanted to. He needs to stop talking cuz I’m seeing a changing of opinions of him here on X.
    Buddy they offered you literally the same dollar amount as your contract. Give me a break with all this they didn’t believe in me
    there’s a cap?
    He said Vegas offered him the exact same deal with a different salary structure in a way that made him buy out proof… but again, they didn’t want him. Get out of my face with that garbage
    Russ Morgan
    They gave him the opportunity to play for more money for the next three years and then if he didn’t drop off, he would have made even more money in the two years after that. He chased guaranteed money over more money. You could argue he didn’t believe in himself.
    Adios Marcy best of luck in smashville thanks for the cup… People put to much value on players are you a fan of the team on the crest …. Or the player under it ???? I know my answer …. It’s sports … This happens…iv already moved on .. #goknightsgo

    Live the Dream
    Dream to Live

    • ThG

      oh yeah
      here is what triggered all the above comments

      Vince Sapienza
      ICYMI: Q & A I had with Jonathan Marchessault

      “They just didn’t believe in me for the remainder of my career I guess, so I was a little disappointed, but at the same time I don’t hold grudges to George and Kelly…”

      “The future is going to tell us who was right.” #VegasBorn

    • ThG

      poster of the day

      “Becky with the okayist hair”

      live the dream
      dream to live


  8. ThG

    BREAKING: Hollywood legend James Woods just said, “An illegal alien is not a ‘migrant,’ no more than a dude in a dress is a ‘woman.'”

    What’s your reaction?

    Live the dream
    Dream to live

  9. Emmanuel

    They won a Cup in 6 years……in a 32 team league!

    We are SOOOOO lucky….

  10. Knights fan in minnie

    Why they hope draft b so he trailer and not Yom

  11. knights fan in minny

    veggie jo wants to work less this is a 24/7 job the whole world is Laughing at us thanks dim voters you failed

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