Praise Be To Foley, Vegas Golden Knights Hockey Website Podcast #313: 81 Drama Rolls On

Jonathan Marchessault spoke up saying not only has he not heard from the Golden Knights since the season ended, he hasn’t heard from them at all regarding his contract since he asked after last season. Hosted by Ken Boehlke and Jason Pothier.

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  • Marchessault speaks out, but it sorta contradicts what his agent and VGK have said in the past
  • What is actually going on with the negotiations
  • Finding the Fountain of Youth
  • Projected contracts for all VGK free agents
  • Creating a bottom-six
  • Build it up, tear it down, build it back up

And much more…

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Salary Projections For Golden Knights Heading Towards Free Agency


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  1. Emmanuel

    There is no longer a “bottom six”.

    There is a top line & a middle six.

    The 4th line eats up junk miutes.

    • ThG

      the ‘fifth line’
      will soon be the fourth line

      if this keep up !!

      PS where is creepy stalker now ? in Rehab?

  2. knights fan in minny

    will they announce his signing at the draft

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  4. ThG

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  5. ThG

    Joe Biden
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  6. ThG

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  7. vgk21

    We finally have some clarity on the Vgk UFA situation.

    The Golden Knights won’t be able to re-sign most of their pending unrestricted free agents with a looming salary cap crunch, and they’ve already gone through the process of elimination on who to prioritize. The team has informed forwards Michael Amadio, William Carrier and Anthony Mantha that they won’t be offered extensions before July 1, David Pagnotta of The Fourth Period reported yesterday. All three will hit the UFA market.

    The Golden Knights are also unlikely to re-sign veteran defenseman Alec Martinez, who likely wouldn’t have been in their opening night lineup next season after Noah Hanifin’s acquisition. But they haven’t informed him of anything like the others, Pagnotta said, and it’s unclear if he’ll test the market in July. After winning the Cup with Vegas last year and twice with the Kings in the early 2010s, the 36-year-old is “evaluating his options” as the end of his career draws closer.

    And while Marchessault is the higher-priority extension target, McCrimmon hasn’t closed the door on a Stephenson re-signing. Pagnotta reports he’ll speak to Stephenson’s camp in the next two weeks to gauge his price.

    • ThG

      ty for update, looks like they are trying to make deals to save no. 20, 81, and MARTY.

      maybe Marty take a coaching deal or one year discount to remain with team. In my eyes he was real captain of team. If you noticed when he played after every period he was last one off ice, giving encouragement to everyone leaving the ice. And he was one of the first to go to the goalie. Ultimate team player, well like in dressing room.

      He may decide to retire. On his last game he was last off the ice and spent a long time looking into the stands at the fans, and looking at ice. Tough decision at hand.

  8. vgk21

    I think they will offer Martinez a one year, $1 mill contract if he wants to stick around in a supporting role.

    They obviously want to keep 81 and 20, but Stephenson could get far more on the open market than the Vgk will be able to offer, so I think he will be the one with the toughest choice to make.

    Marchy will get a nice raise and stay in Vegas after a 42 goal season, at least that is my prediction.

    • knights fan in minny

      i said before i think chandler really likes it in vegas likes playing with stone i dont think h wants a ton of money my gut feeling hope he stays

  9. vgk21

    Chandler Stephenson is one of the top free agent forwards who could hit the market this offseason. The Vegas Golden Knights are going to try to get him re-signed, but there is a good chance that he will hit the market, as he is due for a big raise.

    Due to this, NHL insider David Pagnotta named the Boston Bruins, Vancouver Canucks, Toronto Maple Leafs, Washington Capitals, Carolina Hurricanes, and Nashville Predators as six clubs who could look to sign Stephenson this offseason.

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