Praise Be To Foley, Vegas Golden Knights Hockey Website Podcast #28: So Are They Doing Enough Or Not?

It’s a debate that’s been raging on our site and social media for the last few days and now it’s time to bring it to the podcast. Is the Las Vegas organization being active enough in the community two weeks after being granted a team? Hosted by Ken Boehlke.

  • VegasIsHockey accepting application now!
  • Possibly correcting an error (sort of) from last week’s show with Todd. Here’s the logo we’re talking about.
  • The genesis of the “Not Doing Enough” article.
  • Who’s to blame, if anyone?
  • The AHL has a few new rules, we like them.
  • The ideals of the organization and how that will relate to early personnel decisions.
  • Making Las Vegas NHL an international brand.

And much more…

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Organization Now Accepting Employment Applications


Who Currently In This Organization Is Qualified To Hire A General Manager?

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  1. Cappy

    Someone might want to rethink that logo. The red and black blocks are very similar to hurricane warning flags.

    Perhaps that’s what you’ll be discussing.

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