Praise Be To Foley, Vegas Golden Knights Hockey Website Podcast #277: Panda Down

Recording from Wahoo’s Fish Tacos on Rainbow, we break down the biggest news of the VGK offseason, Robin Lehner’s season-ending hip surgery. Plus, we touch on Max Pacioretty’s accountability comments, look at the Roy contract, and try to find Mark Stone a new linemate. Hosted by Ken Boehlke and Jason Pothier.

  • Ok, Lehner’s down, what now?
  • How did Lehner’s surgery blindside VGK?
  • Still a playoff team?
  • Pacioretty on accountability
  • Walsh on untrustworthiness
  • Mark without Max

And much more…

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Finding Mark A New Max


Patience Is The Right Way Forward For The Golden Knights


  1. Emmanuel

    I’m like 2 miles from Wahoos near Rainbow……not my first choice for eats around here

  2. Emmanuel

    Go with Logan, if he’s hurt or falters THEN trade for a G.

  3. knights fan in minny

    give the net to logan he needs nhl seasoning

  4. Joseph

    I’m sure you can verify this comment. VGK management was not able to get in contact with Lehner since the end of season. Phone, email, text, agent…nothing. He was supposed to be rehabbing his shoulder but wasn’t. Reality is, if they knew what was happening with Lehner they probably don’t trade patches since they would have the room. I am by no means a Lehner hater, that’s just what happened. He reported back when his contract stated it was mandatory and not a second early.

  5. Jason S.

    Ken is going with the Derek Jeter look.

  6. knights fan in minny

    take your loss and let him go nobody will want wiggy biscut sorry thg i used your name for lener

  7. Original 6 ✅

    i known lehner since ottawa days & he’s been a avg 1 stop goalie . he just takes up space and can’t make a 2 nd save . He’s got issues & even when the Hawks new crawford was done at the end the the season they still traded him away & the knights ignored that red flag He was brutal in shoot out to the point Hawks thought about putting crawford in just for that reason . Don’t be fooled he knew he had a hip injury and even mentioned it before season end but opted to hold out till beginning of season to pull out his season ending card . He played nice team player with Fleury as starter but When he got peppered by avs he ditch the team & didn’t show up next 2 days . Flower got traded he then knew he was safe & then in typical fashion ran his mouth pointing fingers at other teams and then when he was losing he pulls out shoulder issues ! Ends his season. i have sources inside lockeroom he was a pot stirrer & poison in locker room . this guy is Not what the knights needed cuz he could had said hip needed surgery also and will sit out season before the free agent market date. Patches or Dadonov could have been kept. He is not a team player and the Blackhawks seen he was a problem ! Only Demko came back with such a injury. I personally don’t see this guy putting the effort in to return. And what team would even trade for him after injury! Only my take on a guy that i think is lazy !

    • Emmanuel

      Word! I was a Sens fan before VGK entered the NHL. Not a knock on RL, he’s in that group of G from 21-44 best in the league that are tweeners.

  8. knights fan in minny

    well said 6 take your loss cut ties with him its logan time

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