Praise Be To Foley, Vegas Golden Knights Hockey Website Podcast #275: Pacioretty For Nothing

The devastating cap-shedding move has finally happened and we’re here to react to it and look towards the future as to what it means for the Golden Knights. Hosted by Ken Boehlke and Jason Pothier.

  • How do you replace the scoring?
  • What move in the past triggered this move today?
  • Best year to win
  • Front office blinders
  • Is the next step really a rebuild?
  • Dev Camp chat

And much more…

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  1. THE hockey God

    Jesse Granger
    My biggest takeaways from Vegas’ first of three dev camp scrimmages:

    • All 4 goalies were excellent
    • Jackson Hallum is really fast
    • Kaedan Korczak’s composure
    • Joe Fleming was everywhere, probably the most noticeable invitee.

  2. Tim

    The rest of the country is just salivating in the ineptness of the Knights they say the two most fucked up teams Vegas and Chicago.

    • the hockey God

      the rest of country is jealous of success VGK have had in their first few years and filled with envy.

      yet the most unsophisticated fan base doesn’t grasp the concept of salary cap, injuries, covid, or fact that the franchise puppet master is the grape stomper who pulls the strings and makes all the calls

  3. Ken

    That amazing first season just completely destroyed any common sense for the fans in Vegas. We all know this. Yet, with all the mis-steps by the decision makers of the team, we still have had the most successful story of any expansion team, ever! Why can’t we just enjoy that and be positive about the future? I know I am!

    • Tim

      Ken I’ll give you an example of excellence versus the Knights ineptness. I was born and raised in Cleveland but left in 1963 to go in the service and then came to Las Vegas in 1965.I was since 1950 and still am a Cleveland baseball fan but there other teams I could care less. You look at Cleveland’s payroll I guess you could compare it in hockey to the Ottawa owners tight budget and see what there management team has accomplished and you wouldn’t be so quick to praise the Knights management team. Clevelands baseball never makes a mistake whether it’s trades or drafting and have probably the best farm system and the youngest team in baseball and they competitive on the fourth lowest payroll. They’ll be in the World Series conversation for years to come because there loaded with talent on a beer budget where most other teams payroll look more like a champagne budget. If they were in control of the Knights with Foley as a deep pocket spender we’d already have a couple of Stanley Cups.
      You can keep on the rose colored glasses but the mistakes after the first year the management have made put them is a position that this year they’ll be lucky to make the playoffs. So for me I no better about what a management team should be and they should take a serious look at the way The Cleveland Guardians have built a team.

      • knights fan in minny

        do you like the new name tim

      • THE hockey GOD

        what’s a guardian???

        worst name is sports, next to THE WASHINGTON FOOTBALL team,. When you cave to woke
        you are a DOPE.

        Guardian of Galaxy ? I like the green girl and blue guy, is that what Cleveland is selling these days ? Fantasy Island ?

        • THE hockey GOD

          hat’s a guardian???

          worst name in sports, next to THE WASHINGTON FOOTBALL team,. When you cave to woke
          you are a DOPE.

          Guardian of Galaxy ? I like the green girl and blue guy, is that what Cleveland is selling these days ? Fantasy Island ?

          They could have picked a good name, like the Cleveland FIRE, after the time in which the river (creek) caught on fire. That would pretty much sum up real Cleveland history. Cleveland isn’t Guarding anything ! It’s not like they are a watershed, or entrance to national park, or national monument. What a joke.

      • Ken

        Whatever you say Tim. You seem to know everything about everything?

  4. knights fan in minny

    janmark inks with the oilers

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