Praise Be To Foley, Vegas Golden Knights Hockey Website Podcast #27: Todd Pollock

For the first time in Podcast history we’ve got an actual member of the Las Vegas NHL organization. We’re pleased to welcome the VP of Ticketing and Sales and Operations. Hosted by Ken Boehlke.

  • Best guest we’ve ever had? We debate.
  • Todd’s story of how he got involved with the ticket drive and how it turned into a position named VP with two “ands.”
  • The next steps for season ticket holders.
  • Here’s the Unicorns logo we referenced.
  • The overwhelming number of applications Todd has received for nonexistent positions with the previously nonexistent team.
  • Single game ticket numbers and plans.
  • Todd skirts our questions about all the stuff you guys really want to know. What’s the team name, who’s the GM, etc.

And much more…

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**Thank you again to Todd Pollock for braving the flash floods and coming out to the studio to spend over an hour with us. Amazing stuff.**


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  1. Jeff

    How many of the 15k season tickets are mini plans?

  2. Brian

    Where is the unicorn logo?!? We were promised a unicorn logo.

    • Oh damn!!! I’m getting it right now.

      • It’s part of this article now. Sorry, completely forgot we even talked about it.

        • Brian

          That is as glorious as described! The Nevada Unicorns has a nice ring to it (yes, I said Nevada just to be an ass.) I can already see them skating onto a superimposed rainbow on the ice.

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