Praise Be To Foley, Vegas Golden Knights Hockey Website Podcast #268: Coaching Vacancy

The Golden Knights have made their first big change of the offseason and we’re breaking down why it happened, what it says, and what’s next. Hosted by Ken Boehlke and Jason Pothier.

  • Celebrating the coaching move while also questioning it
  • Qualities of the next coach
  • Is the Vegas job a good one to take for a new head coach?
  • Stone’s injury
  • The message behind the Stone surgery tweet

And much more…

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  1. knights fan in minny

    bowness quits dallas

  2. Tim

    I don’t get your podcasts from the almost zero about of posts I assume no one listens I know I don’t. I guess Jason and you just like to hear yourself talk. I love your articles and to reply to them is fun but you guys babbling on about nothing over talking each other one podcast was enough for me.

    • Blitz

      That’s pretty stiff. I don’t mind their podcast. Sometimes they drone on, sometimes they don’t, sometimes it’s interesting, sometimes it pisses me off, sometimes it great and enlightening. I disagree and agree with what they say often. It’s the whole enchilada. Give the ‘Vegas Golden Knights Insider Hockey Show’ a listen and they will feed you full of exactly what the VGK org wants you to hear. Fucking painful. It’s like listening for hours to someone over explain why $10 a gallon gas is a good thing and that you should be excited about it.

    • THE hockey GOD

      @ Tim
      the best thing that came out of their podcasts is when
      we all found out that Doc was “Jason’s boy” .


  3. THE hockey GOD

    Bowness in a statement: “After careful consideration with my wife Judy, we feel it’s best to step away and allow the organization the opportunity to pursue a different direction at the head coaching position. …

  4. Blitz

    Ken I am calling you out dude. Your Joel Quenneville comments make you a total woke pussy. I am a vgk fan and I don’t give a fuck what Quenneville did. Hire him! So here is the deal. If they hire Quenneville you should quit. “I won’t do the press conferences”. Give me a break. Stick with soccer.


    “According to an investigation conducted by the Jenner & Block law firm earlier this year, several of the organization’s leaders were made aware of Beach’s claims in a postgame meeting roughly two weeks after the incident. Aldrich remained with the team through the rest of the playoffs and was then given an option to resign or take part in an investigation into his conduct. He resigned.”

    Let’s say I am a celebrity and someone accuses my son of sexual molestation behind closed doors. Am I now expected to announce it to the public? So when this incident happened with the Blackhawks (I believe the meeting referenced closely followed the victory over the Sharks in the Conference Finals) management should hands down go public with it, and just before the Stanley Cup Finals begin? The mistake Quenville later made (I believe many years later in 2021) was to deny he had been informed of the incident. That was a poor decision and one he surely regrets.

    “The Blackhawks didn’t share information about Beach’s allegations with law enforcement or anyone else outside the organization until this year. Aldrich went on to work for the hockey programs at Notre Dame and Miami University (Ohio).”

    The mistake the Blackhawks made was in not immediately identifying who the player was making the complaint and address the situation. Remember, when the allegation surfaced, the victim was identified as John Doe 1. My goodness it was not until an Oct. 2021 interview that Beach even revealed he was John Doe 1.

    “Aldrich told investigators the encounter was consensual.”

    Obviously Aldrich’s word is not be be taken, however it is odd Beach did not come right out at the time and identufy himself. Sure he would be embarassed, ashamed whatever, but he did allow it to happen. I have some trouble understanding how this 6’3″ 203 lb. first rounder would not tell this Aldrich to just go fuck himself and threaten to punch him out.

    Quennville though he should never had denied not being made aware of the incident back in 2010 obviously caught a huge piece of bad luck with this. Personally I find no moral fault with him other the denying he had been informed of the incident at the 2010 meeting. Right on the vevy eve of the Stanley Cup Finals! He should have gone public with it? Really? Management should have been been proactive on the issue following the Stanly Cup and Quenneville should never had denied being informed of the situation in the 2010 meeting.

    He’s the best coach available. I will be very very very disappointed if the VGK fans can’t get past this ridiculous piece of bad luck for Quenneville.

    • The power of deductive reasoning dictates the possibility Beach is/was bi-curious. Not that he is/was, just that it’s possible. There has to be an explanation for such a bizarre event. An assistant coach putting the moves on a 20 year old 6’3″ 203 lb. first round draft pick? Really? If I were Aldrich I would have been very concerned about getting knocked out unless he knew otherwise?


        “Beach is a power forward who plays a tough, physical game accompanied by offensive skill. After his first season in the Western Hockey League (WHL), he was named the league’s Rookie of the Year.[1] His aggressive play led to multiple concussions and a sports hernia while playing for the Everett Silvertips.[2] After being named the 2006–07 WHL Rookie of the Year, Beach was projected to be a top five pick in the 2008 NHL Entry Draft. He was drafted 11th overall by the Chicago Blackhawks.[3] Later in his WHL career, Beach bounced around, spending time with the Lethbridge Hurricanes and the Spokane Chiefs.[4]”

        Appears Beach suffered concussions early in his career and ultimately became a first round bust out.

        I’m not going to sit here and declare Beach to be gay or bi-curious at the time Aldrich was coming on to him but it does seem a bit hard to believe Alrdich would attempt it if was not consenual (as he purported). Of course flat out, it is very possible it was not consensual and that Beach was just timid, passive or polite about the situation. If Beach was flat out not interested in Aldrich advances though why did he choose to conceal his identity?

      • I suggest maybe don’t blame the victim.

  6. I want McCrimmon et. al. to hire Quenneville assuming of course Quenneville wants the job which is not a given. As I have posted on a previous thread, I suggest Quenneville, Foley, McPhee and McCrimmon do a joint press conference with a complete accounting of the Kyle Beach incident including an acknowledgement by Queenville over the (imo) one mistake he made (denying he was informed of the incident in the 2010 meeting). The PC would also be an opportunity to get an overall fresh start over the recent controversies. I emailed the VGK showing my support for Joel Quenneville. I suggest others to do the same.

    As far as I’m concerned Quenneville is nearly the victim Beach is, more so if Beach did not do more than he might have been able to to repel Aldrich’s advances.

  7. Pistol Pete

    Ken, speaking on behalf of Quenneville supporters please just answer us this one question:

    How do you find Quenneville culpable or complicit?

    Is it because you suspect he knew before the closed door meeting in 2010 that Aldrich was making sexual advances towards Beach? I doubt you suspect that.

    Is it because you think after the meeting and right on the eve of the Finals that as coach he should announced in public that the team had received a John Doe announcement of the event? Really? You think as coach Quenneville should go public at that time and in not doing so he was negligent and complicit?

    Do you think Quenneville when Beach FINALLY came out in October 2021 should have acknowledged he had been informed of the incident in 2010? We think yes, he should have and that is his ONLY mistake.

    What of the fact that Beach remained a John Doe for more than 11 years? Does that not imply he felt ashamed over the incident and could have done more to repel Aldrich’s advances? Look, to come out 11 years later in a family incident Quenneville and the rest of management would rather forget, put Quenneville in an untenable and unfair position. Quenneville should not have denied he was not made aware of this (for him) unlucky situation, but that was his ONLY mistake and one that should be forgiven.

    • Original 6 ✅

      @Pistol Pete. i applaud you on your detail explanation and People need to read it. Hopefully Foley does . Q will apologize cuz he understands after sitting out. If florida does go down it’s cuz Q wasn’t there to counter Cooper lines. He beat tampa in 2015 . But if Foley makes a great offer to get him. he should dump McCrimmon and get Dale Tallon too because those 2 are Know talent. and manage cap. It was Stan Bowman that wrecked the hawks with his ridiculous contracts costing the hawks talent and forcing Hossa to retire Tallon will get Lehner to go along or he will trade him ! The money Foley lost missing playoffs is what he could of paid Q !!!!!! The second most wins in NHL history! I got a feeling they want to do it but will clear it with Commissioner before going to Q. then pik after the finals. I actually hope Trotz signs by then which will leave m no choice ! Anyways i’m from Chicago but moved to Vegas and Quenneville is the most qualified !

  8. THE hockey GOD

    if queerville goes anywhere, it’s back to Florida.

  9. Tim

    Management is in a tough spot it would be a fair statement that by far Quenneville is the best available coach. Do you pass on him and hire some inferior coach which will bring you no closer to your goal. I guess management will have to deal with that and live with the results.

    • Pistol Pete

      A coworker pointed out that Aldrich was allowed to participate in the Championship celebrations for example the parade. I admit that does not look good, however the situation was attended to shortly thereafter and Aldrich resigned. Remember the allegations were posted anonymously so some investigation was required. Quenneville went on to win two more Cups in CHI. It was not until 2021 that freakin Beach finally came out as the John Doe in the allegation. Quenneville got screwed over big time.

      • PP

        You are a cold heartless individual some victims of sexual assault never come out because of people just like you they even commit suicide.

  10. Pistol Pete

    I admit to not having read the Report on the Kyle Beach incident prior to all my posting in the subject. Now having read it, here is my takeaway.

    Aldrich should have been suspended immediately following the emergence of the allegations vs. deferring action to after the Cup Finals where he was allowed to stay in the team and participate in the post victory celebrations and have his name engraved in the Cup. There was a senior management meeting over the allegations about one hour after beating SJS in Chicago to win the West. Quinneville was called up for the meeting after it started. Should he have recommended suspending Aldrich on the spot? It can be argued yes, however President John McDonough was present and one could also argue that as the organization’s top executive it was upon him to take action.

    I don’t find Quinneville culpable at all really other than he could have insisted Aldrich be suspended and find a replacement video coach for the Finals vs. PHI. As far as I am concerned, McDonough is the one who should have stepped in.

    I still find it odd Beach allowed himself to be go to Aldrich’s apartment and to then not more forcefully repel Aldrich’s advances. He did according to his account strike Aldrich on the face whereupon he was threatened with a baseball bat. Beach was like 8” taller and at least 70 lbs. heavier though. I am not saying Beach was gay or bi-curious just strange he was not more assertive.

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