Praise Be To Foley, Vegas Golden Knights Hockey Website Podcast #259: Almost Eichel Time

Jack Eichel has been cleared for contact and we’re looking forward to his debut. Plus, we recap the All Star festivities. Hosted by Ken Boehlke and Jason Pothier.

  • DeBoer’s greatest moment
  • Jason struggles at Fan Fair
  • Favorite All Star moment
  • What are the trade options to get Eichel on the ice?
  • Light month mentality
  • Time for some changes at T-Mobile Arena?

And much more…

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February Is More Than A Light Schedule For VGK




  1. THE hockey GOD

    if they trade players now before the playoff begins it would be a drastic change from last years business plan; and it will end up in failure for the franchise.

    The greater Phoenix area has more than twice the population of Vegas valley; their hockey franchise is in big trouble.

    Can anyone say HELLO VAGINA, I mean REGInA ???? That is in Canada for you “unsophisticated” “hockey” “fans”. Not something under your underwear.

  2. THE hockey GOD

    almost ?? not quite

    Jack Eichel C, Vegas Golden Knights
    Jack Eichel (neck) was sporting a regular jersey during Monday’s practice after being cleared for contact.

    “He’s been cleared for contact,” coach Peter DeBoer said. “That’s the first day of full contact he’s had, is it 17 or 18 months or something like that? So now it’s a matter of, how does he respond? Do a little bit more the next day, a little bit more the next day. Hope for no setbacks. He feels great right now in talking to him. He’s excited. I don’t know what the timeline will be, but at least the process has started.” There have been some whispers that he could be available to play in about a week if everything goes smoothly. Eichel hasn’t played yet this season, but he appears to be closing on his Vegas debut. He skated on the fifth line Monday, while rotating in for some power-play work.

    The fifth line ? Didn’t know they had a fifth line.

  3. knights fan in minny

    good and bad about jack i think he knows coming in he does not have to be the man he can come in relax and play his game or he can say i better be damm good they gave up a lot for me lets see how it plays out second half starts drop the puck

    • THE hockey GOD

      i hear ya, most players that get paid the big bucks for the first time feel the pressure regardless of situation and it takes awhile for it to sink in. Some never make it. I lost count of baseball players that hit the jack pot and where never heard from again, ever. It’s like they are jinxed as soon as the cash the check.

      • THE hockey GOD

        were, not where.

        and certainly not under where or were or there or wear. English is a funny language.

  4. DGL

    Implode the opposition city in the opening!

  5. Mike Johnson

    How long has Alex Martinez been IR. Is he on LTIR yet ? If not, how long before this kicks in. What $ difference between IR and LTIR amount. This us to help us calculate what amount we need to trade before Eichel can play.

  6. Bryce Alberts

    My two cents; trade Patch, Martinez, and Dadonoff to get under the cap with Eichel. Get draft picks for all of them as we have the talent in Henderson or coming from our picks to keep us going for years to come!

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