Praise Be To Foley, Vegas Golden Knights Hockey Website Podcast #253: Rip Off The Band-Aid

The team’s recent run of success amidst the injuries has us thinking about the plans for the future. Should the Golden Knights make their cap move sooner rather than later to trade from a place of strength? Hosted by Ken Boehlke and Jason Pothier.

  • VGK’s recent results
  • Eichel’s place in the lineup
  • Are we changing our minds on who could be traded for the cap?
  • Taco Bell commercial
  • Luke Combs’ hat choice

And much more…

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Vegas Is Becoming Alex Pietrangelo’s Team




  1. THE hockey GOD

    Vegas Golden Knights
    Horse face Jake Leschyshyn has been reassigned to the @HSKnights

  2. John W

    Good discussion guys, at least about hockey.

    As far as who is the “Band Aid” who gets ripped off, I think I have to vote for Shea. Reasoning as below:

    – He and Karlsson have the most trade value, so hopefully higher pick(s) or prospects.
    – My take is that the defense has improved with the return of defensively responsible forwards – Keeping Karlsson and Smith helps the D, even in the absence of Shea.
    – The continuing improvement of the offense game from Hague allows us to at least replace some of Shea’s production.
    – And finally, let’s be honest. We haven’t seen “Bubble Shea”, since we signed Petro. Maybe a change of scenery would be good for Shea.
    – I still think the remaining 6 defensemen give us a very strong D corps (assuming Martinez comes back strong).

    Shea and Janmark moving out gets us within shouting distance of being Cap compliant when 9 makes his entry.


    • Tim

      Thoughts? Theadore is still young so for me he’s a keeper. McNabb and Smith with expiring contracts works for me, The kind of year Smith is having may bring a good draft pick or a top prospect. McNabb is a good DMan and again for a team in need of defense he’d be a good pickup and good value for us. Don’t get me wrong I like both these guys but with kids coming up who will play a lot cheaper gives us a little cap space breather.

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