Praise Be To Foley, Vegas Golden Knights Hockey Website Podcast #252: Blazing A New Trail

Following the Eichel trade, we talk about the new path the Golden Knights have decided to take, the pressure on them this year and next, and look into how they are playing currently. Hosted by Ken Boehlke and Jason Pothier.

  • Playing the LTIR game
  • Building a top-heavy team, but differently
  • The story of going from Expansion team and the Final to this
  • Fun, or lack there of
  • Judging the coach through this 12 game start

And much more…

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  1. Brent T

    I can appreciate that you guys have good points about year 1 being a great team but you need to accept some things.

    -William Karlsson year 1 offense is being replaced with Eichel
    -Pacioretty and Stone make up a better wing pair than 1st year
    -Misfits are better than year 1 second line defensively and equivalent offense
    -3rd line has always been meh but I believe in Stephenson
    -Year 1 fourth line was shutdown and I agree getting one of these should be a priority
    -Year 1 defense vs now I give the edge to now

    I think that nostalgia glasses are blinding you guys to the fact teams wrote off Vegas year 1. I live in Canada and the attitude until they beat Winnipeg was that they were a fluke. How many times has a good team looked down on an opponent and then get beat? They were like Dallas when they went to the cup finals. Didn’t get respect, won the games and then got slaughtered in the finals. You will notice from year 2 on outside of Perron, Marchessault, Theodore, Tuch and Fleury(until this year) no one has looked nearly as good as they did year 1.

    You guys focused on the wrong things when you talked about whether a structure like this can work.

    Toronto and Vegas have choked in big moments and a lot of the time mentality is the reason. There is no reason the elite scoring core of Toronto shouldn’t be able to light up Columbus or Montreal. But they choked. When Vegas is almost there they freeze up. Vegas still had character guys when they froze.

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