Praise Be To Foley, Vegas Golden Knights Hockey Website Podcast #250: Digging A Hole

The Golden Knights are struggling to find offense amidst the seemingly endless rash of injuries. What are we learning about this team as they toil? Hosted by Ken Boehlke and Jason Pothier.

  • Learning more about VGK’s depth
  • Looking at the fan base’s reaction to the struggles
  • A change in course?
  • Dr. Pinegar on injuries
  • What would you do in a unique sports situation?

And much more…

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Power Play Futility Stat Dump




  1. Tim

    Ken’s making a point and Jason you kept interrupting him very annoying.
    I know your smarter then that but I’ll just say it wasn’t very professional.

    • THE hockey GOD

      @ tim, get used to Jason, he does it all the time in nearly every pcast. He’s only 18 and he’s Doc’s favorite. Give him a break. Ok ? Vlad, I mean Doc, will be posting any second now.

      Wait for it, Doc Vlad is still sobering up from last night vodka binge. Should be waking up any minute now, if can find way off the floor and into the shower. Oh wait, the utility company turned off his shower for non payment and over due bill.

  2. THE hockey GOD

    Pretty clear what’s going on with Martinez, watch the replay, anyone can figure it out.

    Half the team is out. Can’t make any comparisons with half team out.

    He said “maybe krebs” playing up to expectations– oh oh, watch Doc Vlad head explode again. Vodka sodden low life loser.

    Both goalies said that back to back games help them in their minds, and one goalie didn’t play back to back, but was put in late. So can’t use that excuse. These goalies were hot, and VGK don’t have finishers right now.

    Teams don’t care ??!? They care.

    Yes both games were there and winnables, but turn overs killed them. No 7 and no 14.

    Lot’s of unsubstantiated excuses made at beginning of this podcast.

    • THE hockey GOD

      these talking heads expect team that imploded with injuries to all of a sudden jell into a cohesive unit immediately with a whole new set of players??

      never played
      never coached

      clueless that it takes time and playing together to create a cohesive team.

      yes agree that coach can only do so much. And how many conference finals has GG won ? (none)

      • Bad Vlad

        Do you hear the penguins continually beating the “oh but we have injuries” drum??

        5 of their top 6 out and still winning

        penguins winning… the hockey DOG whining

        • THE hockey GOD

          TB beat your flash in pan pens , trashed them, back to your bottle Vlad.

    • THE hockey GOD

      fans mad ?? I didn’t hear any substantial booing

      these talking heads are sh it stirring again, and are off in la la land.

  3. Arnold Rothstein

    taking vegas tonight + 1 1/2

    the over @ 5 1/2

    good luck everyone , expecting a big game tonight.

    After the lax efforts and close games last nite.

    Flames exposed rangers as pretenders.
    LA Kings lost another D man with injury, their hopes are fading.
    Crunch time for VGK now. Expecting a trade soon for rental player. Maybe
    get Bobby Ryan ?

    also like sharks, kraken, and canucks, and flames tonight

    good luck
    AR the syndicate buster !

  4. Tim

    With all our injuries does anyone think bringing in an over the hill player like Phil Kessell or Bobby Ryan will be our savior. They have a little game left but get real let the kids play and get experience. Like I’ve said the Ducks game is the water shed game we lose that and there will be changes. For one it will expose our overrated farm system caused by giving away so many draft picks which reflects on management and a coach under adversity must find a way to win. Bill Foley isn’t stupid he may be working the phones as we speak.

    • THE hockey GOD

      which coach ? The prior coach that wanted tatar for three draft picks? That coach ?

      Coaches typically don’t pull the trigger, FO and GM’s do. They have some input. Depends on organization structure. Sometimes FO and GM’s want coaches buy in for special trades, some times they do not. Coaches can pick from available organizational pool, coaches can direct their needs up the ladder to FO.

      I don’t know how it works in VGK organizational structure, but for fans to jump the gun and make wild accusations when they don’t know is not unheard of. They want to see results and blame the weakest link. It’s always the coach’s fault, even when obviously it isn’t. Short sighted thinking. then they bring in some some clown who is even worse than coach before, and is totally clueless, not respected by players, makes obvously wrong on ice game decisions.

      Where’s Vlad , I mean, Doc. Still sleeping off hang over, and it is almost noon.

      • Tim

        THG you of all people to to make a statement like Gallant wanted Tatar. You who believes most news is fake can make that call.

    • THE hockey GOD

      no to those two players, then who would you go after ?

      they seem to like to fill up the cap space.

      go for a d man ?
      a forward ?
      both ?
      or one ?

    • vlad

      Foley just another investment banker who’s hived off retail mom and pop investors

      Anyone who turns the wheel over to a junior hockey coach with NO nhl gm experience make you wonder

      The decimation mcrimmon has done fixing something that wasn’t broken can’t be undone

      He’s taken a great team and exploded it with his arrogance

  5. trade

    from dailyfaceoff—–

    The hope from everyone, both the Eichel side and the Sabres end, is that they’re able to make a trade before that step would become necessary. Everyone’s been holding their breath to this point, but I can tell you there’s been increased chatter between the Vegas Golden Knights and the Sabres about Jack Eichel over the last three to five days.

    I think there’s been no question that these two sides have been in close communication throughout the process, wondering what’s going on with Jack Eichel, dealing with the medical situation and gathering some intelligence on that front.

    But the Golden Knights are an interesting team to watch here. We just talked about their tough start to the season.

    I think the big thing to focus on here, if you’re the Golden Knights and you’re trying to make this work, is what’s the status of Mark Stone. That’s the real important factor here, Stone carrying a $9.5 million cap hit. There are lots of question marks around his injury, you can tell by the way the Golden Knights announced it, somewhere between day-to-day and week-to-week.

    In this case, it tells you they’re waiting for some clarity on their end. I’m told they don’t know exactly what’s going on with Stone or how long he’ll be out. I think there’s the potential with this back injury that he could be out long-term and perhaps maybe they’re holding their cards close to the vest here trying to make an Eichel transaction work.

    I think there’s been some talk about a third-party broker that could potentially be involved to make this work from a financial standpoint. But I think the Golden Knights are a team to watch on the Jack Eichel front, and, as we get closer to some sort of potential resolution with the grievance, I know that these two sides, Eichel and the Sabres, would like to get a trade worked out before then.

    • vlad

      brilliant! trade for a player who needs surgery and won’t be playing anyway

      and may have a very very short career if and when he does come back


      • Jim

        sigh? YOU are the one who said to get rid of Krebs. for a bag of pucks.
        now you all of a sudden are concerned that the Vgk might trade your whipping boy for a #1 center??


    • Tim

      Trade you could be right were a Red Cross poster child right now might as well add Jack Eichel to the infirmary. First to go in the trade deal is Shea Theadore trust me he won’t be missed, next Reilly Smith with his expiring 5 million dollar cap hit, Nick Hague we have lots of D-Men and a first round pick in 2022. The goal would be take third in the Pacific and get everyone back by March one to have time to mess before the tournament starts in April. If Eichel never comes back oh well we gave it a shot.

  6. trade

    also, Stan Bowman is OUT as GM of the Blackhawks

  7. vlad

    the hockey DONKEY… got your excuses lined up for when things continue to swirl down the shitter when stone gets back???

  8. Dylan

    What are we learning? That McCriminal ruined a Beautiful Thing. And surely, the Meddling, Money-Grubbing “Creator” signed off on it all.

    This was all obvious many months ago. Now? It’s clear as a bell.

    Sad. Really is just so very…


  9. Geoff

    Vegas born. Welcome to Impossible. Vegas fans loved the misfits because of who they were, not because they won. Winning was a bonus. Fans lined up to go to games to cheer. To help their guys win, not because they won.

    Then hockey is a serious business. Winning is all that maters. Trade fan favorites for “upgrades”.

    Now there are empty seats, tumble weeds drifting across fan fest, and those that do come are wearing jerseys of players no longer on the team. Fans are just “outside noise”.

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