Praise Be To Foley, Vegas Golden Knights Hockey Website Podcast #25: Attempting To Explain Our Process

Ken and Dana get back behind the mics after a very exciting day that brought some excellent news. We go through a bit of the background of and how and why we report news about Las Vegas hockey. Hosted by Ken Boehlke.

  • Ken makes a prediction about the timing of the announcement.
  • The difference between news and rumors and how we attempt to differentiate between the two.
  • The exact reason exists.
  • Further explanation on the “After The Announcement, What’s Next” article.
  • Richard Sherman says no more publicly financed stadiums.
  • Please let me pull the cord!

And much more…

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After The Announcement, What’s Next?


NHL Expansion To Vegas: Everybody’s Saying It


  1. Jeff

    From LAKings Insider….

    “A site titled The Sin Bin reported last night that the executive committee had formally approved Bill Foley’s expansion plan into the Silver State, but we’ll hold off on more thoroughly disseminating such a report until it’s confirmed by more familiar NHL sources, as is LAKI policy.”

    When the team actually starts operations there will be more than one official site with information about the Las Vegas Knights. There will be 25 fan sites with rumors and 1 site that is endorsed or even employed by The Knights organization that gets to meet with players, interview players, coaches, and even NHL executives.

    LAKings Insider – Official
    Jewels from the Crown – Fan
    KingsFanDaily – Fan
    The Royal Half – Fan

    Which one do you want to be? My opinion you’re not on a path to being the 1 officially endorsed Knights website/blog. Your on the path to be “Jewels from the Crown”.

    Not sure if you guys know this but Gary Bettman was not happy with somethings being reported on the LAKings Insider site and the moderator (Rich Hammond) was actually fired or forced to quit. If you don’t think Gary Bettman is aware of what you are publishing you’re wrong.

    I love the site and the information. This is none of my business so you can tell me to fuck off. I just think you guy could be a great official team blog. You have to be careful. If Mr. Foley says to Mr. Bettman I am going to have an official blog and its going to be SinBin its a good possibility Mr. Bettman can go back to many of your posts, not like some of the stuff you’ve published and say no to you guys. Even the swearing is a red flag.

    Thanks again for all you do I really enjoy the site.

    • Ken Boehlke

      As a site, we have no interest in being affiliated with the organization in any way. Individuals who write and participate on the website may eventually attempt to work for the team, but as long as exists we will be 100% unaffiliated with the team.

      The moment a website or individual is paid by an organization everything they say is viewed differently. We strive to maintain autonomy to keep our reports and opinions unbiased towards the organization. This does not mean we are not fans and want the team to win, it just means we will NEVER write anything because of financial profit from the hockey organization.

      As it relates to Gary Bettman and the league, their opinions of the site will never effect anything we report.

      • Jeff

        I misunderstood your intentions then and everything I have written to you was wrong. I thought your intentions were to be an official blog or site for the team. With that being said, your site is perfect as it is. You are the best source of information on the team at this point and believe me I appreciate it. You want advertising revenue on this site?

  2. Jeff

    I was a season ticket holder for the Las Vegas Thunder for all of their seasons. What a great team and league. It was so much fun. I have see some things at Thunder games that I couldn’t believe. Bench Clearing Brawls, coaches fighting at center ice, Darcey Lowen spearing someone in the crowd by throwing his stick, Lakovic in his first game stepping on the ice and just making a “B” line for the opposing player and just kicking his ass, watching CUJO in his prime, watching Alexi Yashin in his prime……just to name a few. The Thunder turned me into a true hockey fan.

    The people of Vegas are in for a treat if they just come out and try on a regular basis. There is nothing like live hockey.

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