Praise Be To Foley, Vegas Golden Knights Hockey Website Podcast #249: Injury Bug

Without Mark Stone and Max Pacioretty, the Golden Knights are in a tough spot. We chat about the next few weeks, the trap door, and finally dive a bit into the Fleury/Walsh/front office situation. Hosted by Ken Boehlke and Jason Pothier.

  • What happens now?
  • Why Eichel might make sense more now.
  • Can they stay afloat without veering course?
  • Assessing Nolan Patrick
  • Dressing up for Halloween at age 23

And much more…

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  1. THE hockey GOD

    some people say fights do not matter, from Duck’s coach

    Nicolas Deslauriers earned Ducks coach Dallas Eakins praise by getting into a timely fight.

    With the Ducks down 2-1 to the Flames, Deslauriers fought Milan Lucic at 8:26 of the second period. The battle seemed to help shift the game’s momentum and Anaheim went on to earn a 3-2 overtime victory. “For me, that’s the hardest job in hockey,” Ducks coach Dallas Eakins said of Deslauriers’ being willing to fight Lucic. “It took tons of courage. Lucic is no slouch. ‘Des’ was just going out and trying anything he can to flip the momentum. It’s always impressive to me. I did think it got us going again.”

    • Blitz

      I for one love the fight game or what used to be the fight game, before hockey got soft. Used to be you could watch a game and if it was competitive, the hockey carried the entertainment. Then some games where it is a blow out and not much to look forward to the mayhem would break out. Either way you left going, wow, that was entertaining.

      Now it is not that way. Sure there is some tough guy stuff, but even the last couple of season with Reaves, who is legitimately a heavy weight, was lame. What four fights in two season, something like that. Lame.

      I miss growing up watching the WHL where you may only play another conference team once a year so there was much anticipation for the fight you knew was going to happen between that team’s heavy and your team’s heavy. There was an unspoken competition within the normal hockey competition.

      Good stuff!

  2. Tim

    Listened to your podcast very interesting. As much as a healthy Jack Eichel would help now and down the road it’s not feasible and would destroy our team. Not retaining salary is a non-starter. Losing young players on a chance the Eichel surgery is successful to big a risk. I’d just roll with what we have give the kids a chance and see where the cards fall. This is where a good coach without the best talent designs a game plan to neutralize the opponents offense by relying heavy on what is still our good defense and hope Lehner can become the goalie.

  3. Vic

    Law of averages coming back to haunt after a glorious first few years. Need to avoid making panic moves right now, need to use the players on the payroll, and save draft picks. So if the early problems become chronic then……no playoffs, a new coach and maybe other changes at the top, trade deadline deals and a higher first round pick. One major problem to overcome these injuries….lack of heart and soul. In year one, Nate said the team knew by Turkey Day they would be very good. This year we may know by Halloween that the team will not be so good. Let’s root hard for the boys.

    • THE hockey GOD

      @Vic , looking at lame way the KRACKEN played last nite, they may need until Valentine’s Day to find out if they have a good team.

      VGK still have core to be a good team, hard to make waves with two of their best players on IR and only one line that has played together. Hockey is a a team game, and forward lines need to play together as a cohesive unit to carry the team. I predict the cohesiveness will take some time to jell. It won’t be by end of this month. Give it to Turkey day though. Nate (who used to be good and used to be somebody, but is a nobody now) was right then , and is right now. Turkey Day is a better barometer.

      Rumor mill of the day has Eichel going to shark’s after cheater suspended 21 days for doing the right thing, who is in their right mind would not give the big middle finger to mandates that are garbage ?I stick up for Kane. I say the NHL and mandates are sick and counter productive to society, liberty, and freedom. Nobody wears a mask at games any more, anyway. It’s a freakin’ joke.

      And Doc can eat my shorts. SMH.
      You aren’t fooling anybody.

  4. Vic

    The Kraken are stuck with a horrible name, great sweaters and a former great city now filled with lunatics as home. I was joking about Halloween, and want the VGK to rise up and fight…like other teams with injuries/adversity. Exactly correct on Kane…he gets nailed for the bogus, not legal and tyrannical injection rules. Prayers for the great Mike Bossy….lung cancer diagnosis.

  5. I’m not sure how you get 40 games from a 6-8 week injury. 6-8 weeks puts the season at December 22nd at the very outside. That is nowhere near after the Olympic break. That is only 30 games… 31 at the very most. That would leave 50 games remaining after those injuries hopefully resolve. So with that said if we get 1 point per game from now till then that would put us at 32 points (includes the 2 we already have). With the remaining games if the Knights got 1.5 points per game that would be another 75 point or a total of 107 points total. That easily get you into the playoffs.

    Your math is way off. This isn’t the dire situation you’re making this out to be.

    • Blitz

      I think we need a “math-off”, duel to the death. Of course I will just be a spectator in this war of brains. 🙂

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