Praise Be To Foley, Vegas Golden Knights Hockey Website Podcast #242: Speak Of The Goalies

The goalies are back in the news with a podcast appearance by Robin Lehner and an interesting quote from Pete DeBoer on Marc-Andre Fleury. As is the norm, that ends up sending us down about 7 different rabbit holes. Hosted by Ken Boehlke and Jason Pothier.

  • Lehner on pressure to perform in Vegas
  • DeBoer says he never had “his guy”
  • The feeling of losing in the playoffs and how teams respond to it
  • New playoff format?

And much more…

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“You Don’t Perform In Vegas, You’re Gone”


Guest Post: Catharsis


  1. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    Since no body is commenting on this podcast, would like to say something I have been meaning to say.

    I had not paid attention to politics for almost 50 years, prior to Trump coming into office. Before 2016 I did not know left-wing from right-wing. Liberals from conservatives. I just didn’t care.

    I found out over the past 5 years that I didn’t fit into any of those descriptions. I was pretty much neutral, I guess.

    However I became very aware of the far right and the rabbit hole fanatics and conspiracies’ & such. These are the people who are “killing” others with the lies about the virus and the vaccines and the election.

    I do feel very sorry for these people!

    • THE hockey GOD

      Doc is brain washed by the left wing mob media. He forgets it was Trump that fast tracked the vaccine. And the vaccine was ready before the election but the head of Pfizer, who is a known democrat, refused to release it to the public. Party over country.

      When I was recently in LA the local news media was lamenting that LA county was severely lagging in vaccine. Every night for a whole week they were complaining about it. Everyone knows LA county is dempcratic.

      Yesterday the CDC was forced to admit that they were cooking the books on Florida covid numbers.

      Dr. Fauci , a known democrat, funded the lab that started the virus. He has flip flopped so many times he has passed flipper the dolphin.

      As far as election fraud. Even Biden admitted “the democrat party has the largest voter fraud organization in history of USA.” Recent Arizona audit , Dominion refuses to release the routers and password (if they have nothing to hide, why not)? Also, thousands of questionable ballots were found. In Georgia thousands of ballots were not folded, which they should have been. Thousands were rejected by Dominion machines. And hundreds of thousands of voters were purged. WI , MI, and PA had many irregularities. Over 100,000 ballots were illegally transferred from NY to PA in middle of night. And here in NV Joe Gloria the Clark County chief election official , a democrat: 1) changed the signature setting on Dominion machine scanner program to lowest setting without proper authorization and without re calibrating the machine 2) refused service , what is he hiding, 3) allowed illegal aliens and out of state voters (yes, this was revealed before the US senate committee hearing in December at which over a dozen irregularities with the voter register was documented and the Democrats in the committee had no response whatsoever. Anyone who doesn’t believe that there was massive cheating by DEM operatives is crazy, Trump won bigly. Everyone with a brain knows it. Half the country knows it.

      Also, anyone as old as you and never heard of conservatives or liberals is hard to believe. Brainwashed for years it seems ?

      must be a slow news day

      • Howard

        Pretty much everything you said THG isn’t factual, and I say that as a lifelong conservative who only once voted for a Dem.

        Partisanship is a disease. While I agree cheating happens in every election, there exists no PROOF of the kind of widespread cheating that cost Trump The Election. I believe it was possible. but that’s an opinion and certainly not fact.

        If such proof does in fact exist, it has not been presented in any court of law – that is a fact whether you like it or not. You may consider that THEY’RE ALL IN ON IT, GOP and DEMS and serve a greater master, or you can remain in hyper partisan hyperbole. Certainly your right to believe what you want.

        • THE hockey GOD

          “if such proof does in fact exist, it has not been presented in any court of law”.
          wrong Howard several judges have ruled. MI Circuit Court Judge Kevin Elsenheimer ruled in favor of audit that concluded that Atrium county dominion machines changed votes from Biden to Trump. There was enough evidence to conclude that his audit warranted a path forward.

          In Harris County Texas a mail in ballot scheme was thwarted by election officials. IN related manner in same county Democratic party officials working for DEM REP JACKSON LEE were recently indicted and charged with voter fraud.

          Judge Brian Amero of Georgia has threatened to de certify the election. Judge Brian Amero Judge Brian Amero agreed to allow 145000 absentee ballots from Fulton County to be opened as part of an audit into the 2020 election. So far this audit has found thousands of irregularities including people out of state , dead people, under age voters. As well it has found thousands of ballots without a chain of custody. Also, in other counties by order of state legislature pre printed, unfolded ballots were discovered with perfect markings from dot matrix printer. All for Biden.

          Most judges did not allow discovery, so “proof” could not be presented. Even the SC covered up evidence by not hearing the states’ cases. Just because a court doesn’t hear a case, does not mean proof or evidence does not exist. There were over 1000 signed sworn affidavits of cheating and irregularities. Affidavits are considered evidence.

          Every day more and more “proof” of voter cheating is being revealed. The mob media is NOT REPORTING IT for obvious reasons.
          Every day there is plenty of evidence coming forth, the main stream media is not reporting it because they are “in” on the “big lie”.

          Dems cheated BIGLY, over half the population knows it.

          • Howard

            Links to “MI Circuit Court Judge Kevin Elsenheimer ruled in favor of audit that concluded that Atrium county dominion machines changed votes from Biden to Trump”

            That decision should be public record. I’ll guarantee you because you are quite clearly a hyper-partisan, that you are quoting someone else’s OPINION.

            But wait, there’s;


            Clearly debunked. Please man, your thinking is just as diseased as a hyper leftist wanker and your thinking is destroying any legit shot of true conservatives to be heard over hyper partisan hacks.

    • THE hockey GOD

      breaking news right now >> Mesa County Dominion machines were connected to internet despite Dominion officials saying that they weren’t.

    • Contact Tracer

      Here’s what I got out of your hockey post:

      1. had your head up your ass for 50 years.
      2. anti-right wing = lefty commie wing. Hater. Like most lefty intolerant haters, can’t stand the thought of someone having an opposing view, and then goes into a hissy fit rage.
      3. subscribes heavily to main steam media …. evidence of non stop pummeling of the brain with left wing propaganda.
      4. apparently knows of killings. Did you go to the police? “If you see something, say something” as the good lady at McCarran Intl says … lol. Or did you and Reavo get them de-funded and got nobody to report to now?
      5. apparently thinks lies kill … did santa or the tooth fairy tell ya that one? And what lies? C’mon now, don’t lie.
      6. Feels sorry for “those” people. Let’s rip the veil off that one. You would rather see them dead like all lefty hater’s do.
      7. had your head up your ass for 50 years (goal: to taste tonsils by end of life, only half way there now)

      Very amusing to see Trump still bouncing around like a 500 mph ping pong ball inside that Richard Cranium of yours. You’ll surely take it all the way to the grave. Festering hate does that to people. Probably have that “I hate Donald Trump 4 ever!” headstone already bought and paid for.

      Good stuff, keep the hits coming dawk.

      • THE hockey GOD

        ^^ what he said^^ let me add anyone who didn’t know that “commie organizer” OBama, who claimed he was born in Hawaii , yet his own BROTHER said he was born in Kenyan, was not a liberal shows a lack of brain cells. And this guy also voted for dementia Joe. I swear if the reincarnation of Hitler would appear and run for leadership in Democratic party people like DOC would vote for him.

        DEM party = party of satan and evil. At their recent national convention they denounced GOD and removed GOD from their national platform. Say no more.

  2. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    Ha ha,

    If you are honest, just like Lehner has been, you get ripped by the haters.

    It’s all they know.

    They just go on and on quoting exactly what the rabbit hole right-wing media feed them.

    So sad these people are brain washed by the rights hate and nonsense!!! ha ha

  3. THE hockey GOD

    breaking news:

    In a long line of almost daily releases on election fraud and cheating found during various on going audits in PA, AZ, and GA right when you thought Georgia couldn’t possibly come up with any more evidence that their 2020 Election was a complete and total sham… Fulton County says “hold my beer”. Just The News’ John Solomon, Daniel Payne, and Natalia Mittelstadt have revealed that thousands of ballots in just Fulton County alone were ‘adjudicated’ and awarded to Joe Biden and Raphael Warnock when according to Georgia law those ballots should have been spoiled and discarded. GA LAW WAS NOT FOLLOWED !!

    But that’s only half of it, The Federalist tells us that if voters who moved more than 30 days prior to the election voted in the wrong county, their votes should have been excluded by law. The trouble is that they weren’t.

    Dominion Voting machines in Fulton County, GA rejected thousands of ballots on election night because of “overvote” where a greater number of selections for an office are made than are valid, for example: marking both Trump and Biden. Hours later these ballots are reviewed by a panel of supposedly five people: two Republicans, two Democrats, and an Independent and are manually “adjudicated” or corrected by people empowered to interpret the voter’s “intent”.

    But in 2020, adjudication played a much larger role in states like Georgia, which allowed hundreds of thousands of additional citizens to vote absentee for the first time during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    In all, more than 5,000 of the 148,000 absentee ballots cast — or about 3% — in Georgia’s largest county required some form of human intervention, according to logs obtained from Fulton County by Just the News under an open records act request.”

    By themselves, the Fulton County adjudications aren’t enough to throw the election but this is just one of Georgia’s 159 counties. When you consider that Joe Biden “won” by 11,779 votes you’re already halfway there. With the adjudicated ballots of the other 158 counties, it could absolutely have thrown the election to Biden. The laws in Georgia are contradictory at best, with one set of laws requiring that the spoiled ballots due to overvote “shall not be reinstated,” and others calling for their correction. Even the instructions on the Georgia Secretary of States’ website and the ballots themselves tell voters to discard a spoiled ballot.

    This is just one story of many, COBB county Georgia also had it ‘s own issues.

    AZ is so bad it will take about ten posts here to cover all the election cheating uncovered alone in MARICOPA COUNTY. If you want more, I will keep posting.

    But you won’t find any of these in mob media because they are owned by DEM PARTY lock stock and barrel.

  4. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    Just a waste.

    I really thought you did have some intelligence and common sense.

    You are on the wrong side of most everything. One day you will realize this.

    But, I don’t care anymore. Not going to waste anymore energy on this nonsense, hate, and ignorance!

    Very sad the type of fantasy you people live in. Only hurting yourselves. Have fun! ha ha

    • THE hockey GOD

      can’t respond with any counter points or facts.

      starts the issue, then walks away. Tail between legs.

      Our Resident Dummy has a new nickname, not withstanding losing Afghanistan in less than a weeks time. People are now calling him JoeFlation. As in inflation, worst
      USA has seen in decades. Consumer confidence is down to April 2020 levels, and we all know what was going on last year at that point in time.

      • jason mason

        Here’s a counter for you.

        Why are all the people that are unvaccinated and getting covid going to hospitals to try and get better? Those hospitals are full of doctors and nurses that promote getting the vaccine, so it seems counterintuitive to not rely on your own “healthy” immune system to fight off something a doctor would have helped you fight by giving you a shot that you didin’t want to take, but you end up in the hospital anyway crying on the news about how you made a mistake.

        And all the while people seriously sick with non covid issues are getting turned away from hospitals because anti-vaxers are filling up all the beds, thus denying them the treatments they actually need. So I’ll ask again:

        If they don’t believe in science and vaccines now, why would they go to a hospital where science and vaccines are going to be used to attempt and save them? That seems really stupid. They should just stay home and tough it out.

        I look forward to hearing all the crying when health insurance providers tell anti vaxxers their insurance rates are going up….way up. Karma

        • Contact Tracer

          Another fear mongering puppet pops up.

          Some simple math

          331 million US citizens (April 2021)

          (and not the “350 million US citizens that are vaccinated” according to that mush brain criminal imposter you guys call the prez)

          50% vaccination rate = 165 million un-vaxxed.

          According to your lying and fear mongering, ALL 160 million will end up in the hospital or dead. We are 500+ days into this shit show. Never let a good crisis go to waste is your mantra.

          Remember when the rate was 40% vaccinated and tmobile had 100% capacity, 7,000 vaxxed and 11,000 unvaxxed arm in arm and not a mask in site. Area hospitals not overwhelmed since then. Morgues at 20 year status quo. At 50% vaccination rate in Clark County, over 1 million unvaxxed people. So all 1 million are going to die or be hospitalized? Talk about demented fantasy and fear mongering. A disease that is 99.9% survivable, with alternative treatments that make it even more survivable.

          Does this look like the bubonic plague? More births than deaths in 2020 Clark County? How can this be?:

          Vegas area up to 2.4 million and climbing = more yearly deaths, and even more yearly births.

          Be a puppet tool if it makes you feel better. Facts be damned.

        • Blitz

          Actually the variant is sending vax’ed people to the hospital at the same rate so not really sure what your point is.

          You do realize too that it isn’t a vaccine? I am just checking cause alot of people are confusing this with real viruses that have/had real vaccines. mRNA is most certainly NOT a real vaccine. There is a positive to it though. Moderna stock went from ~$19 a share to ~$450 a share. So not all is lost for people in the “we happen to have a mRNA laying around” money making business.

          Also our hospital’s trauma unit went from having 1 appendectomy every 1 to 2 weeks to having about 25 a week. All patients vax’d. This is not something I read on the news fyi, should it have been? No worries though. I am sure it is just a coincidence. Probably like the $16k payment hospital’s get if a covid patient is admitted. Know what they get if a patient dies, that happens to have covid? (notice i didn’t say died from covid)

        • DOC (Go Knights Go)

          Absolutely agree 100% jason!

    • Contact Tracer

      Dawkter Richard Cranium,

      YOU started this hateful, shit-bag, nonsensical, “non-hockey” post. The epitome of a misstep, brain fart.

      Anyone can tune into msnbc or cnn to see the exact same hateful ideology that you puppet here. You are a programmed tool.

      Props to you for throwing your hate cards on the table, although there are an infinite number of forums on the interwebs, other than the sinbin, to puppet your festering hate.

      • Howard

        Pointing out how someone hates, while he himself spews out ‘hate” So, you hate those who hate by showing them hate? Brilliant!

        • Contact Tracer

          Blah blah blah, couldn’t give a fuck what you think “old crusty better than thou” howie. I always fight fire with fire.

  5. Tyler Durden

    Can you believe some of the idiots here are the same as the idiots who think trump is gonna be reinstated today.
    Must suck to go thru life that stupid and gullible to such obvious bullshit

    • DOC (Go Knights Go)

      I know Tyler. They are off the deep end now. I’m done trying to talk sense to these Trump cultists and rabbit hole ignorance.

      They can ignore the virus. then when they get it they will sob while tubes are shoved down their throats!

      Also, I think it is the 20th that they say orange man will be back in office! ha ha Better hurry up with that!

      • Contact Tracer

        I think I said earlier you were dumber than a box of rocks. I have to apologize to the rocks for putting them in the same category as you. They are much, much more intelligent. You and the mush brain hair sniffer could be mistaken as clones.

        So where is this list of all the “idiots” (more lefty luci hate displayed) you and Tyler Turden that said TRUMP will be reinstalled? Pretty fucking short list eh? You guys lie like a rug.

        You’re a lefty luci hater with TRUMP stuck in your head 4 ever. Now get back under that hermetically sealed closet with your mask on, the virus is knocking at your door.

        Just watch out for that Lamda Lamda Lamda variant. I hear it’s a real pain in the ass to deal with ….

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