Praise Be To Foley, Vegas Golden Knights Hockey Website Podcast #235: VGK vs COL

The Golden Knights embarrassed themselves in Game 1, but there’s plenty of time for them to turn things around in the series. We talk about Game 1, the series, and how VGK can emerge out of this as the victor. Hosted by Ken Boehlke and Jason Pothier.

  • Recapping Game 1
  • DeBoer’s role on Reaves’ retaliation
  • The unfair “perfect scenario” for Lehner
  • How VGK can turn this around
  • Predictions

And much more…

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Finding The Good In A Sea Of Bad From Game 1


Optimistic Trend Leans Toward Vegas After Ugly 7-1 Defeat


  1. Tim

    Wednesday is one of the biggest games in Vegas Golden Knights history.If we win Wednesday we have a punchers chance to beat Colorado. If by some chance we can win this series we would play Montreal or Winnipeg in the next round. There is no way either of those teams can beat us in a 7 game series. Next series would be the Stanley Cup finals. Toronto got beat why not Colorado.

    • Howard

      Lol? Leafs have nowhere in the galaxy the depth talent of The AVS. AVS play fast and tough. Leafs play like the fancy pancers they are.

      Having said that, Yes, VGK can beat AVS but will not do so thinking they can out transition them else its a sweep here Have to get down to grit hockey much like how Islanders play.

      • THE hockey GOD

        loser leaf bed was made when their captain went down and that was one deep river to cross, too much of a burden to overcome.

  2. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    DEJA VU, all over again!

    Just like round one, the Knights are down 0-1.

    And once again, (other than a game 7), this will be the most important game of the series.

    Lose and go down 0-2, the path will be very difficult ….. BUT:

    WIN and that will neutralize the game 1 loss, and gain home ice advantage.

    Time to start getting ready boys!!!!!!!

    • THE hockey GOD

      if the lowly HABS beat the highly touted loser leafs, anything can happen this year

      I have a call in for Miracle Max, the real slim shady needs to stand up now.

  3. THE hockey GOD

    what is loser hockey ?

    loser hockey is when you have a game in hand and take a run at opposing player sending him to the trainer’s room

    loser hockey is when your captain says the other players is out there to injure another player, ignoring the deed that own player did in first place

    loser hockey is putting your A team out there on 9 minute major penalty, when you are leading 6-1 with game well in hand, whose only purpose is to run up the score; when the smarter move is to rest your players.

    loser hockey is to go face down ice as if your players are in ice capades (or playing soccer) and then pop up miraculously a few minutes later.

    loser hockey is to put down a player on another team, then when challenged laugh it off.

    loser hockey is when your goon player does something stupid and gets a 9 minute major.

    loser hockey is face washing the other player, instead of dropping your gloves.

    loser hockey is not fighting, but doing the “Russian hockey thing’ which is kicking, sticking , kneeing, head butting and face washing.

    I am sure there are more loser hockey things.

    Now I expect a major push back in game 2, especially after begin embarrassed nationally.

    IF not this series is over sooner than later and the fan base will be knitting more cute doggie skirts, buying more yellow/retro jerseys, pink wussy birds, tawdry souvenirs.

  4. THE hockey GOD

    Elliotte Friedman
    NHL announces Marc-Andre Fleury (LV), Philipp Grubauer (COL) & Andrew Vasilevskiy (TB) as Vezina finalists

  5. Vic

    THG….Nice job with the loser analysis.

    For game 2….not rocket science. Pay hard and smart, and then score a couple against Grubauer before they fill the net against us. We’ve seen these series turn on a dime for whatever reason. The boys need to dig deep.

  6. THE hockey GOD

    thanks Vic
    have a nice day, if they play tight checking hockey like you say, and they are capable of, they should have a chance.

    No one said the RED ARMY would beat Fred Shero’s broad street bullies. They said the RED ARMY was FASTER and MORE SKILLED. Shero devised a plan, stood them up at the blue line and before you knew it they were leaving the ice. Alan Eagleson had to remind the commies that they would get paid. Then they came back on the ice. Classic old time hockey stuff.

  7. skrizzle

    I generally enjoy the pods, you guys do a good job making it fun and informative. However, don’t you think yelling at Alex about how you’re absolutely certain of an outcome that is theoretical (performance of Fleury in net vs. Lehner game 1) is just as bad as when he does? Come on guys. You’re all pontificating from an assumption that you know what would’ve happened in this imaginary situation

    • If you also believe the Golden Knights would have won that game if they played Fleury, I will also yell at you. It’s the most ridiculous concept I’ve ever seen. They lost by 6!

      • jason mason

        probably the only good thing to come out of game 1…. and it’s a pretty big reach, is that the VGK actually were doing a pretty good job of a 9 minute penalty kill against the top CO guys. 7+ minutes holding those guys scoreless might not be much, but they looked better playing short handed than at almost any other part of the game.

  8. Jaykei

    Second time to listen to a podcast on here. I appreciate the fewer interruptions and smoother flow of discussion. Thank you.

    For those who don’t have 2 hours to listen, I did the work for you. Here’s a summary:

    Person 1 doesn’t believe VGK will win this series. He and maybe person 2 believe it’s all DeBoer’s fault. He asks Alex (person 3) to prove why he (Alex) thinks VGK CAN win. Alex comes up with his OWN reasons as to why HE (Alex) BELIEVES that VGK can win, and they’re all turned down. After two+ hours of them convincing each other to change the other person’s mind, Avalanche came out as the team projected to win in this podcast. The discussion could’ve ended in 30 mins or less. Also, bad aura to put out there for the universe to receive.

  9. Stephanie

    DeBoer is slow .He couldve easily used Reaves like when Byfuglien was a power forward in front of the net .for screens for tips for rebounds.Never had to utilize him that way . Especially since vgk needs someone like that in front of the net. Someone that can hold their ground in front of the net

  10. Stephanie

    Dearest Jason .Fleury has shut out Colorado. So if the rest of the team stays FOCUSED it is possible .even if it seems unlikely .I miss the days Vegas played 60 flies on shit .they did play Minnesota like that for a game I think

  11. George

    You miss the days VGK played 60min? How long have they been in the league ha ha good one

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