Praise Be To Foley, Vegas Golden Knights Hockey Website Podcast #234: VGK vs MIN Preview

After the Kings let everyone down, the 1st round is set. Vegas will have to overcome the demons of facing the Minnesota Wild to advance. We take a deep dive into the series. Hosted by Ken Boehlke and Jason Pothier.

  • Goalie talk (don’t worry, we moved on fairly quickly)
  • Looking at the Wild lineup
  • VGK’s preferred style
  • The importance of Game 1
  • Series predictions game-by-game

And much more…

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VGK Lead West Division In Playoff Experience, But Not By Much


Blueprint To VGK Beating The Minnesota Wild


  1. THE hockey DOG

    GM Kelly McCrimmon:

    We look forward to having a full lineup and getting underway in the Stanley Cup Playoffs.


  2. DOC (Ode of a FAN)

    PLAYOFF TIME! ** The magical part of the season!

    Best teams. ** Best players. ** Every game do or die!

    For pure hockey fans like me, the intensity of it all, can be overwhelming at times!

    The Knights enter battle for the 4th consecutive year, of their existence!

    I will no longer engage in negative thoughts or comments. They mean nothing to me anymore!

    I approach these playoffs, possibly for my last time, with pride for what our boys have accomplished and hope for what they may yet, obtain!

  3. Howard

    Just absurd about this “Goalie situation.”
    I’ll make this simple – name a team that has ever won The Cup rotating goalies in the playoffs per game?

    When you play mainly crappy teams in your division only, you can win with a decent back up as AVS did against Kings last night.

    I simply don’t understand the accolades Lehner gets. In his 7 years in the league, he’s never truly been an elite goalie, and had ONE good season “as the guy.” Elite goalies are consistently CONSISTENT. They can and will have bad game from time to time. That’s NEVER BEEN LEHNER. He is either great, or poor – no inbetween with him which is why I call him Pekka Rinne JR,

    He can make 17 great saves in a row in a game, and the 18th shot, he shits the bed allowing in a goal I could stop. Robin clearly loses concentration, and that’s been his career.

    MAF on the other hand has had moments where he’s just terrible for a few games a year. In other words, when he’s having a bad game, everything goes in. But, then the overwhelming majority of the time, he’s very consistent for long stretches at a time – gives up no soft goals, stands on his head so-to-speak.

    This is why Lehner has a career 918 save P, and MAF 913 P. Save P means nothing, it’s how it’s accrued over time, danger saves, and more importantly, ROUTINE SAVES (that’s not considering that Lehner is horrible at playing the puck whereas MAF has greatly improved that)

    Conclusion – Lehner is a grossly inconsistent and overpaid great BACK UP GOALIE who minds the net eerily similar to Pekka Rinne.

    MAF is a fairly paid STARTING HOF goalie, still in his prime, 3 time Cup Winner (4 time finalist), 1 and 1/2 of those with him in net, the rest as the backup who is coming off his best year to date (big reason is his adjustment he made of staying back a little bit more)

    The better goalie can steal you a game here and there. Lehner didn’t do that last year in the playoffs, and IMO, he’s not capable of it.

    MAF has done it several times (See Jets WCF thievery, they out played VGK in that series and still lost 4-1)

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