Praise Be To Foley, Vegas Golden Knights Hockey Website Podcast #227: The Role Of Glass

Ahead of a pair of big games against Colorado, we chat about Cody Glass being benched, the schedule, and more. Hosted by Ken Boehlke and Jason Pothier.

  • What is the benefit of sitting Cody Glass?
  • The new lottery system
  • A SinBin NFT?
  • What does the VGK lineup look like in the playoffs?

And much more…

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The West Division Is Essentially A College Mid-Major


  1. THE hockey GOD

    nice, he’s a young kid trying to grow into his frame

    when his dad and brother was here, they were both very tall and very skinny.

    kid put on a lot of weight, not normal, needs time.

    HE also seems to be sucking air a lot on the bench, needs to develop more

  2. Tim

    You have to remember Cody Glass didn’t play much last year and wasn’t in the bubble so his development was minimal. Over the winter he gains 20 pounds loses some speed and needs to get in better shape. He’s only 21 so next year I believe he’ll have it altogether way to early to give up on him. Right now his best quality is his puck possession and passing and he’s good around the net. Over the winter I’m sure he’ll have a trainer to work on his skating, endurance, and tone up his body. Ken you mentioned Connor Garland good choice cheap on the cap a young RFA to go with our young core and if it cost a first and second so be it.

    • THE hockey GOD

      he needs to work on:


      shooting the puck /develop a hard fast shot

      winning face offs

      stronger on puck

      mental aspect

      checking opponents

      He needs to become really good at several aspects of this abilities to be a top tier center man.

      • Tim

        I agree but it takes experience which he doesn’t have much of yet. He’ll be fine by next year you’ll see a big improvement.

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