Praise Be To Foley, Vegas Golden Knights Hockey Website Podcast #226: Petro Concerns

We’re back in the studio at The Space to talk about the state of the Golden Knights, some Silver Knights news, and our perpetual look ahead to the deadline Hosted by Ken Boehlke and Jason Pothier.

  • With Pietrangelo out a bit, when might he become what VGK thought they got?
  • How confident are you this Vegas team beats Tampa in 7 games?
  • A new horse on the way
  • Overboard reactions from many on goalie play
  • When is the right year to go all in? Is this the one?

And much more…

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Sharks Credit Limited Golden Knights Fans For Noisy Game, Poor Officiating




  1. Mark

    Finished this before last nights game

    1. The past 2 podcasts you have Holdens cap number wrong. He makes $1.7 million. And trading him or Reaves doesn’t help bring someone in, because if everyone is healthy, that’s what they are over the cap currently. They would essentially have to move both. Or leave someone on LTIR all season making that or more.

    2. Tampa has 17 million on LTIR currently and have spent 16 of it already. They really still can’t afford to trade for too much unless it’s money in and out type deal.

    • We definitely struggle on Holden’s cap number.

      • Mark

        Lol. Yeah. You’ve got his old contract stuck in your head

        I am curious, can they trade for someone on IR, and then move them to LTIR? Think Zetterberg

        2nd and Brandon Kruse rights


        Bobby Ryan and Zetterbergs deal. Then move that to LTIR.

        It moves 6 million to LTIR then which covers their current overage and Ryan, plus a little more if they want to add a Dman

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