Praise Be To Foley, Vegas Golden Knights Hockey Website Podcast #223: It’s Absurd

On a night in which the Golden Knights were supposed to be playing the Sharks, we’re in the studio due to a COVID postponement. Talking about a weird sponsorship and some interesting comments made by important people. Hosted by Ken Boehlke and Jason Pothier.

  • NHL’s Scarlet Letter
  • VGK’s peculiar sponsorship with a tout
  • Foley spills the beans on when they knew Gallant needed to go
  • Reacting to McPhee on alternating goalies

And much more…

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McPhee On Goalies: “I Hope We’ll Get Back To Alternating Again”


Pat McAfee Commits To Donate $100,000 To Charity If Fleury Scores A Goal


  1. Tim

    Ken, A question concerning our cancellation of the San Jose game. How on Wednesday morning our game is cancelled and less then 36 hours on Thursday evening San Jose was cleared to play Saturday against St. Louis. Now how did everyone in power in 36 hours consider the quarantine over. What a bunch of bullshit. The more I find out about the NHL the more I see it’s a joke. You wonder why many of the teams have financial and fan support problems. The reality on another issue is the NHL is the only league that doesn’t advance a player on talent but will regress a player for there own benefit. You wonder why there at the bottom of the sports world. Peyton Krebs is taking it in the shorts and no one really gives a shit because of a commitment to pacify Canadian junior hockey which is criminal. Do you think his career would be more advanced in the AHL or Canadian juniors? No other sport has this type of nonsense again another reason hockey is on the bottom rung of sports.

    • WmFCoyote

      Tim do you think that San Jose did not want to play the VGK? Isn’t it wonderful to be able to change the schedule by claiming one of your players had tested positive for Covis-19. Maybe the management of the VGK should file this activity away and use it if the team enters a loosing streak or just needs an extra day of rest. I do hope that the NHL requires actual proof of a positive test.

  2. Tim

    WmFCoyote, Exactly pick and choice the games you want to play come up with some phony case of the sniffles and shut it down. We keep a high win percentage and lock down the #1 seat in the West. That’s no different then tanking to get the first draft pick which happened before the ping pong balls were used. This whole thing is corrupt.

  3. Great podcast Ken. You were right, Foley and Company backed out of the Uptick deal before the weekend was over.

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