Praise Be To Foley, Vegas Golden Knights Hockey Website Podcast #22: The Episode On National Send A Nude Day

Ken and Dana get back in the studio to talk about a bunch of things very roughly related to hockey because we can’t seem to get any real news from the league. Hosted by Ken Boehlke.

  • National Send A Nude Day has Dana acting like he’s 19.
  • Trying to understand millennials.
  • Generational differences.
  • Neither Ken nor Dana have the skills to be a professional hockey player.
  • Dana answers a lot of questions about the business of sports handicapping.
  • The Mayor is coming on the podcast next week!

And much more…

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  1. Holycowitsjenn

    So, this is something I’ve been wondering but it’s pretty specific to a single team. So, Anaheim has to decide what to do with their goaltending situation. Andersen is RFA this off season and most rumors are saying he’ll be traded in the off season (I will sob… it’ll be a mess for me). So my thought for a while now has been, if the announcement is that Vegas gets a team for 2017-18, what’s the likelyhood that Anaheim signs Freddy knowing they’ll most likely lose him in the expansion? Like, is it worth it to lose a trade but have the insurance that a defensemen for forward won’t be picked up because Vegas will snag the goalie?


    I had other thoughts but lot them. I need to keep notes while listening.

  2. Holycowitsjenn

    Oh! Also I vote Britney Spears for the national anthem for the first game. I kinda feel like she’s made a good impression as an act to see in Vegas and she’s obviously got world wide recognition. ..

    • Holycowitsjenn

      Celine is probably a montreal fan, and Shania has tied to the stars now…

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