Praise Be To Foley, Vegas Golden Knights Hockey Website Podcast #218: Off To A Good Start Results Wise

The Golden Knights have three wins in three games, but haven’t played all that well to get them. That’s a positive, as long as they start playing better at some point. Hosted by Ken Boehlke and Jason Pothier.

  • One good period
  • Early season talent discrepancy
  • An assist from the front office to make sure the season started out right
  • Inconsistency continues
  • Record vs process

And much more…

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Coyotes Always Seem To Keep It Close




  1. Tim

    Good morning guys for you good news may be on the way. Edmonton is in big trouble goalie Mike Smith is out long term and Mikko Koskinen has sucked. They have desperately tried to pick up a goalie with no success so whats the option at 1 – 3 throw in the towel or pay the price? Who’s the only goalie available that can save there season sad for me to say Flower. I won’t be surprised after he plays tonight he’ll be traded. Now the Oilers would have to get creative because as some have suggested Vegas to retain have his salary that would be crazy on our part. When you have someone by the short hairs you squeeze a little tighter not give in to there demands. George and Kelly are good at getting creative that’s one of there strong suites. Unless they want to waste Connor McDavids career like the Angels are doing with Mike Trout then they better pull the trigger. If we keep Flower were good but if we trade him they keep ALL his 7 million dollar salary and they throw in a second round draft pick. It’s a win win for us we keep Flower or if traded we shed 7 million in cap space and get a nice draft pick. If Edmonton doesn’t like it then say good night to your season. One last thing Flower is a #1 goaltender not some bum they pick up who really won’t be a difference maker.

  2. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    Even though I didn’t want to see it happen, I had expected Flurey was going to be gone after last season was over. As we can see with all the cap related gymnastics going on, we have a need to trade. With Ken saying on twitter that Panda was first off the ice this morning, which normally that nights starter does … and, that there was a 3rd goalie there this morning, that certainly could point to a Flurey trade! (It will tell us alot if MAF doesn’t start tonight)!

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