Praise Be To Foley, Vegas Golden Knights Hockey Website Podcast #21: The State Of The LVRJ

The Las Vegas Review Journal was sold to Sheldon Adelson and has been hemorrhaging excellent journalists since. Ken and Dana dive into the state of the RJ and how Las Vegans, Americans, and people around the world should view the newspaper now. Hosted by Ken Boehlke.

  • Ken’s street hockey escapades.
  • Dana gets hardcore gymtimidation.
  • The RJ has lost credibility due to its new owner and the editorial policies that have come with him.
  • How has the RJ’s reporting swayed perception of a stadium deal that should never see the light of day.
  • MGM’s new parking policy and the effect it’ll have on locals.
  • Who are we cheering for in the Stanley Cup Playoffs?

And much more…

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MGM Finalizes Pay-For-Park System, It’s Bad, But Not That Bad


Impact Of Ben Bishop’s Injury On Expansion And Las Vegas

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  1. holycowitsjenn

    Okay so, I have to say that I agree with Dana on the parking discussion. Now, I already made the joke abut being spoiled, and obviously I’ve got a different perspective because I’m a California resident. I think the thing with parking is MGM has a lot of event that happen that are not regular daily events. Like, concerts and fights and, yes, hockey soon. Those events are usually filled with people who probably aren’t spending extra money in the casinos and restaurants.

    Parking is, when it comes down to it, expensive to maintain, and most likely it needs to be expanded, built up, whatever. Charging for parking is not only a way to make some extra money for that maintenance, it detours overfilling of the structures not only of locals but of the tourists who drive there, stay at another hotel or cheaper and then park for just the event. (I will 100% say I’m one of those people. I’m planning on going to the king v. stars game in October with a friend and we’re probably staying at HRH because it’s cheaper, and then walking or something. Not driving. We’ll be on a consistent level of drunk that whole weekend….).

    The fact that Ken is gonna park somewhere else to park for free is probably exactly what MGM wants. If they see a big enough drop in patrons at restaurants I’m sure they’ll come up with an alternative (like possibly validating for x-hours of parking for dining at hotel restaurant), but I doubt they’re expecting much of a hit for those kinda of things.

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