Praise Be To Foley, Vegas Golden Knights Hockey Website Podcast #209: Stepping Forward And Back

The Golden Knights have signed Alex Pietrangelo! But… They also traded Nate Schmidt. Hosted by Ken Boehlke and Jason Pothier.

  • Keeping both goalies?
  • Pietrangelo’s effect
  • Serving two masters
  • D-pair ideas with Pietrangelo
  • How much for #27?

And much more…

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Pietrangelo Signing Reaction, The Untouchable Reilly Smith, Kicking The Tires On Taylor Hall, Steven Stamkos And The Ripple Effect Of It All


  1. Some charlatan

    Does it take a minute for your streams to be on spotify/play? Wanna put ya on my chromecast but don’t see this one on those platforms.

  2. Vic

    Defense = Better. Goal = Better. Offense = Losing Stasny and Cousins not a big deal, and a chance for the young guys to finally step up = Slight decline. PK = Better. PP = Better. Captain = New Guy.

    If the top 6 remember how to score, then we will have a fun season. Felt like the VGK lost every face off in the post season. Can this be worked on please. Glass showed some promise on the PP, and then was moved from center before the injuries. Let’s finally see what he can do at center out of the gate. His time is now. Cody….I’ve told you before….watch films of Bobby Clarke and Bryan Trottier please.

    Vancouver stole Schmidt by playing poker well. His game dropped a bit without the juice, but will probably pick up in Vancouver with his former goalie Holtby and Hughes.

    By the way, mentioning Shippy in your loyalty story doesn’t help make your case. Also, these multi-millionaires understand contracts, loyalty, taxes and lawyers. It’s part of life working for a corporation.
    I’m sure just about every VGK player besides Shea, Stone, and Lehner thought they could be shipped out based on the financials.

  3. Tim

    Ken what happened to Colorado when Gruber got hurt? The best of both worlds would be to keep Fleury, Schmidt, and Pietrangelo but that didn’t happen. I know you could care less where we end up as long as we make the playoffs. Ken all my life I’ve been involved in sports and I don’t like to lose. You seem to think having a backup goalie play 30 games and win at best 15 games probably less is ok. To me in any sport that’s unacceptable. You can see more and more teams are going to two good goalie’s for a reason because even if he sits it’s an insurance policy on the most important position in hockey. Schmidt does leave a hole can we fill it only time will tell. About 2025 and our window not sure on the other teams prospect but we seem to be loading up. I see a lot of college kids we drafted playing well, I see the 2 Russian kids are doing well in the KHL, I can see Class, Krebs, Evelens, Dugan fitting in and who knows about Hague and Coghlan are they ready to make the jump. Remember this Ken a hard cap for the next two years and if things improve the cap may take a big jump so I see us competing for many years to come.

  4. jason mason

    Correct me if I’m wrong. I would think it’s part of the GM/President of a team to be aware of what’s going on around the league when it comes to most everything, especially players going into free agency, etc. To me it would seem this off season has a glut of goalies available and on the move…both young and old goalies. I would think knowing this would have made the MAF situation something that could have been handled differently.

    Lehner was certainly not the only goalie available at the end of the season, but in the eyes of the VGK management he must have been reasoned to be the best available if you choose to sign him to the contract offered. In deciding MAF is basically done as a player, that is essentially what they’re saying in my opinion, they chose to not wait and made the trade for Lehner. Chicago has now let Crawford leave and will rely on 2 younger goalies to replace him. Looking at MAF’s past you see that Matt Murray, only 25 years old, has been traded to Ottawa and replaced by the younger Jarry. (Interesting to note the MAF had a pretty good year his first year away from Pittsburgh, Matt Murray not so much). Jarry shouldn’t feel too safe, the Penguins used their first 2 draft choices on young goalies.

    Seems like the VGK went all in with Lehner on winning the cup and like a true Vegas gambler, ended up walking back to the airport suitcase in hand. Management might have been smarter to have kept the guy they signed for 7million for 2 more seasons, and is only 35, and signed a guy like Lundqvist for cheap as a reliable backup. Might have been able to keep Schmidt that way perhaps.

    Seems like it’s one thing to “tinker” with the roster to get better and completely another to basically blow up key parts of the roster and risk damaging team chemistry every year when the better team might be the one allowed to develop chemistry. Who gets cast aside next season if we don’t win the cup?

  5. JR

    It would be interesting to see an article comparing Fleury’s limited value now to what it may be at the deadline or if a team can take on his contract early in the season if another player goes on LTIR. Furthermore it would be interesting to see what holding on to the first and second by not attaching them to a Fleury trade will allow them to pick up at the deadline.
    I agree with the podcast in that their needs to be more focus on improving the goal scoring that was absent in the playoffs although it seems that their hands are tied with the cap situation.

  6. Jason (not podcast Jason)

    To end your argument, the Tampa Bay Lightning had $8.5 million on the bench and won the Stanley Cup.

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