Praise Be To Foley, Vegas Golden Knights Hockey Website Podcast #208: Pietrangelo Or Bust

We dig into the decisions that will need to be made this offseason and what this team might look like after they are. Hosted by Ken Boehlke and Jason Pothier.

  • How did we end up in a cap crunch with Marc-Andre Fleury?
  • The Erik Karlsson effect
  • Is being a Top 5 team good enough?
  • Idle if not Pietrangelo?

And much more…

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A Case For And Against Trading Each Of VGK’s Top-Six Forwards And Top-Four Defensemen


  1. So I actually took a deep dive through Marc Andre Fleury and Robin Lehner’s stats for the last couple of seasons.

    Going through them and remembering what I can from watching them through the season, makes me arrive at a few key points.

    1. Marc-Andre Fleury wasn’t as bad as people have been claiming he was this season. Yes, he was inconsistent. There is no denying that. But the Golden Knights also were also wildly inconsistent. For goalies that have played 40+ games, Flower had a slightly below average season.

    2. Flower was also way overplayed by the coaching staff. Only 9 goalies played as much or more than him. out of those 9 goalies Fleury had the fourth best season. The three goalies to have better seasons, are Vasilevskiy, Hellebuyck, and Binnington. All three are much younger than flower. One of his major problems this year was his rebound control, and that points to two things. Either Fleury lacked confidence, or he was tired. I’m going to go with the latter.

    3. The previous two seasons, Fleury was elite and deserved to finish top 3 in the vezina conversation.

    4. Lehner is only a marginal upgrade on Flower heading into next season, if that. He better rebound control and a higher saves above expected percentage, but has played a lot less games. His stats aren’t great as the out and out starter of the team. He is younger and has fewer miles on him which is why I understand why Vegas will go with him.

    Conclusion: It really doesn’t matter who is in net for Vegas. If we can only keep one of the two, (and all signs point to that being Lehner) Vegas needs a backup who can play 1/3 of the games.

    If not, we’ll likely see Lehner or Fleury struggle a bit during the next season, particularly with their rebound control

  2. Tim

    Ken / Jason nice breakdown of our needs and who should go. Basically what I’ve been saying for weeks. Signing Alex Pietrangelo I’m not crazy about because of the term but let’s say we sign him here’s what I would do.
    On the chopping block would be the following players Marshy, Stantsy, Holden, McNabb, and of coarse Fleury which management has decided to move on from.
    Now we need to start getting younger but in reality in three years except for short stays of Glass and Hague and really Whitecloud for a half season we’ve went outside the organization to improve the team.
    It’s time to go in house and give these kids a chance. The reality is we don’t score anyway so nothing to lose.
    My First line will be Smith, Karlsson, Dugan, Schidt, Pietrangelo
    My Second line will be Patch, Glass, Stone, Theadore, Martinez
    My Third line will be Stephenson, Krebs, Tuch, Hague, Whitecloud
    My Fourth line will be Carrier, Roy, Reeves
    Now if I had my druthers Patch would be gone but we gave to much for him and probably stuck. Now they can keep Elevens, Cousins, Coglin as backups because there’s always injuries. You can count on Patch going down that’s a given.
    With my team we just got so much younger and so much faster and as we all know in any sport it’s all about speed.
    Stantsy with one year left should find a home.
    Someone will want Marshy and give us a good draft pick.
    McNabb should get us a decent draft pick.
    Holden signed cheap should get some sort of draft pick.
    Fleury ????? who knows what it will take.
    Every team in the league including the good teams bring up young players except us
    it’s time Splash Brothers to grab your balls. I figure if it’s at least a 60 game season these guys will be ready for the playoffs. Another thought we just got better and younger and our window is wide open.

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