Praise Be To Foley, Vegas Golden Knights Hockey Website Podcast #207: Heartless

The Golden Knights season ended without a bang and now it’s time to examine what must change. Hosted by Ken Boehlke and Jason Pothier.

  • Is the scoring drought here to stay without a change in personnel?
  • Under utilizing players’ skillsets
  • Which style should they be playing?
  • How could they be so heartless?
  • Will the treatment of people change?

And much more…


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  1. DOC (WillBeClearer4to6Weeks)

    This will be my last comment post, for a while. (hey, a standing ovation! thank you, thank you very much) More on the pause in minute. But first this goalie BS that has been throw around regarding me, must be put straight.
    * Back at trade deadline day, I said we needed to obtain a goalie (someone) to replace Subban as backup, we did, and I was happy. ** I knew of Lehner’s “story”, but not much of his play, so I investigated and found he was a top 5 goalie the past couple years or so. I was ecstatic that we had such a good goalie as backup. That’s all I thought of him at he time. Then after the rotation at end of season, I thought hmmmm? (He IS good). *** During the NHL pause I read and listened to everything I could on this. Using common sense and logic, I saw what was taking place. **** So months ago, before the bubble, I wrote that I believed PDB had in fact decided Lehner was his #1. Not my decision, HIS! And I was correct. ***** Since all that I gradually gained confidence in that decision. Then after the MAF/agent fiasco, I said PDB was done with MAF, again true. These were never my decisions, they were the coaches, I just called it as I saw it. That has morphed into me being on Lehner’s bandwagon all along, which just wasn’t true.
    So that brings me to taking a leave away from commenting here for awhile. There is no way to converse with those, on here, that: A) – Have absolutely no concept of the business side of pro sports OR Live in an alternative reality OR Are just chronic bitchers & whiners OR ALL of those? I’ll name no one, ya’ll know where you fit in with the kind of comments you make.
    My posts are largely based on common sense and logic. So here’s some things my sources have led me to see. Things that will or maybe happen:
    WILL happen = A) – PDB will not be fired … B) – Lehner will be signed … C) – MAF is gone (trade, buyout, retire). MAY happen = D) – Nosek will be resigned (Cousins may not). … E) – #5 will stay with the organization in a coaching spot (probably with the silver team)

    So for my own sanity I will not post here for a while. Things will be much clearer in a month or so. Enjoy yourselves, bashing the organization, certain players, the coach, each other and ME. (But I will not be responding). Bye bye, for now, DOC

    • Coyote

      I agree with you at times, not so much at others. No big deal. This forum is for all of us to express ourselves. It’s a place to complain or be positive or disagree, etc. I enjoy reading what you have to say regardless of whether I agree with you. Cheers to your vacation from posting, but hurry back.

  2. Tim

    Ken interesting podcast. So true on so many points. One comment that really hit it on the head was DeBoer turning us into the San Jose Sharks. We were a run and gun rush team and DeBoer changed our identity. I’ve said for the last year or two not signing Perron who wanted to stay here and not even offer him a contract I think was the start of the ruthlessness of management. Perron is still getting 60 points a year and plays every night. Now my boy Patch mister constantly dinged up and we gave Nick S. and Tatar for him. The beauty of this is Perron signed for 4 million and gets 60 points Patch signs for 6.5 million and gets 60 points and we’d still have Tatar and Nick S. Who in the front office thought those were good moves. I used to think after the initial draft they were the smartest guys in hockey now I wonder if their closer to the bottom of management teams. If you look at what’s going on and our inability to score we’ll never see the Stanley Cup. Does anyone else look at DeBoer on the bench and can’t phantom how he’s on our bench not San Jose’s. Now with the Gallant debacle, the hiring of DeBoer, the Fleury debacle, the picture shown nationwide of Fleury with the sword through him autographed by Pete DeBoer we went from a proud team to anarchy in a half a year. Add our juggernaut playoff scoring machine and if you think were going to win a Stanley Cup your sadly mistaken. Next year Dallas, Colorado, Vancouver, and ST. Louis will all be better then us. We’ll be lucky to keep up with Calgary, Winnipeg, and Edmonton with the style we now play.

  3. Vic

    Of course focus needs to be on playoff failure. How do we explain playing teams like the Caps, Stars, and Sharks for the past three regular seasons with good results, but meeting these three teams in the playoffs entirely different (excluding the first year playoffs versus the Sharks). Injuries, deals and controversy are part of the game every year. What stands out to me is the VGK have been out-coached in the playoffs and the team needs players who ramp it up in the playoffs. I agree with Ken that there will be quite a few changes. We’re fortunate to have a team playing at a high level in their first three seasons, but it will take some magic to keep it going.

  4. Jeff

    If your head gets any bigger inflated by you false ego and idea that somehow this organization listens to you and makes comments and moves based on your idiotic point of view it might just explode. At this point Vegas would be a better place as a result. Go back to whatever tabloid you crawled out from under. That’s where you truly belong.

    • Coyote

      Or better yet, why don’t you start up something that will compete. Oh, wait. You’re one of those ugly trolls that only dumps on everyone else’s work without having an ounce of talent yourself. It’s a free country, and you can keep coming back here and throwing your opinion around like it’s the only one that matters, but in reality – to use your own words – go back to whatever you crawled out from under. This would be a better place as a result.

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