Praise Be To Foley, Vegas Golden Knights Hockey Website Podcast #203: Lie

Hockey is almost back. But, because the Golden Knights have a hard time telling the truth, we’ve got plenty more than just that to talk about. Hosted by Ken Boehlke and Jason Pothier.

  • Fleury first, does that tip DeBoer’s hand on his goalie plans?
  • What is really going on with Max Pacioretty?
  • Prediction time
  •  An in-depth discussion on the Dave Prior story (Begins at 1:31:03)
  • How the media in Vegas has created an environment that allowed, and still allows, the Golden Knights to lie.

And much more…

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Defense Can Benefit From Softer Crowd Noise




  1. Tim

    You guys talk like we did in the service F this and F that but to each their own. Interesting thoughts on Lehner and Flower. First Flower someday will have a statue outside the arena I don’t see him going anywhere. Lehenr is just to good to let walk so we’ll see after the tournament what they do. Here’s what I’ve learned about management they don’t give a shit. With the success we’ve had and the best royal fan base they never throw us a bone you might as well get over it. All the teams lie so big deal and as far as Patch goes I figure he’s done for the year. He was hurt in March and if he couldn’t recover in 4 months he is toast. Tomas Tatar continues to haunt us granted he didn’t fit in to Gallants system but we gave a lot for him. Now to get Patch we give them Tatar, Nick S who are both playing great and were stuck with our second best player out of the playoffs. There’s something to be said of youth over players over 30. Looking forward to the game tonight and Nick Cousins on the Stone line I’ll have to wait and see.

    • If “All the teams lie,” can you provide examples of each of the other 30 teams showing as blatant a lie as this one.

      • Tim

        Ken whoever reveals a team injury in fact the NHL has told team to keep it on the down low. I don’t like the idea that your site gives us much more info then the Vegas Golden Knights web site. A credit to you but shame on them. Gary Lawless is about as worthless as tits on a bull.

  2. Doktor Hockey

    It’s nearly impossible to listen these two on podcasts. Bunch of yelling, cussing, not making much sense! Waste of time really. Plus the constant attempt to dig up dirt, that most fans don’t give a shit about. Especially RIGHT NOW! Knights back on ice tonight, can’t wait!!!!

  3. Sinical

    Well I liked the effing podcast!!!

    Keep it up, change nothing!

    Does make me think about management’s prior comments about signing quality and character players.

  4. Doktor Hockey

    First, I agree Tim about lawless. Straight company man. But, I just feel the average fan is not interested in the inner/politics of it all. That’s why I think Ken should have held this type of thing for after the playoff run was over! Plus, isn’t it still one guy says this, the other says that? Plus, it’s “just” a goalie coach. WHO really cares? Just saying…….. (T-Minus 60 minutes until we see the boys on the ice)!

    • You cry and cry and cry during the pause because we aren’t writing stories up to your standard. Then we write one that matters and you say we should have held it.

      Also, it’s not he said he said. VGK confirmed everything Dave said is accurate.

      • Doktor Hockey

        You talking to me? This Prior story is nothing but you trying to be a “Washington Post” or something. People don’t care about that, especially when hockey just re-started. Can’t you understand that? So you say the Knights confirmed, so no lying going on now. Ken, your a numbers guy, plain and simple. You’re not a very good investigative reporter. That’s all. Plus, you know I am right very often with my comments here. I pegged what the goalie rotation was going to be days ago. You didn’t. You never give credit to anyone!!!!!

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