Praise Be To Foley, Vegas Golden Knights Hockey Website Podcast #196: Dugan, Reaves, Optimism

We stay mostly on topic this week as we focus on the return to play scenarios, Jack Dugan’s “contract” and the continued rumors of a multi-year deal coming for Ryan Reaves. Hosted by Ken Boehlke and Jason Pothier.

  • Vegas as a hub city
  • The truth behind “character players”
  • What we’re hearing about Reaves’ contract
  • Jack Dugan’s future

And much more…

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Late Round Pick Success Stories Give Hope For Jack Dugan


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  1. Tim

    I swore I’d never listen to a podcast after my last experience. This podcast the headlines say your going to stay on topic instead of babbling on for an hour and a half about nothing. We’ll see?

  2. DGL

    Nice 2 hour escape after a rough week. Thanks Guys!!!

  3. Tim

    Ken I listened to the podcast and it was very interesting. I never thought about it but burning a year of a players contract and then signing him on the cheap because he hasn’t performed up to his capabilities yet was interesting. Personally I hope they continue that strategy. Lets face it it’s a two way street we get hometown deals and they get to play in Vegas. What I mean by that is the following, play in front of the best fans in the NHL, best dining and entertainment in the world, best owner who takes the team to his ranch for bonding and his vineyards on dad’s weekend. Lets face it most players want to play for Vegas so it’s a win win for both sides.

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