Praise Be To Foley, Vegas Golden Knights Hockey Website Podcast #189: Goalie Choices

We jump back in the studio to talk about the goalie situation for the Golden Knights, plus a visit from Dr. Pinegar to discuss the current injury issues. Hosted by Ken Boehlke and Jason Pothier.

  • Which goalie gives them the best chance to win now
  • Fragility of the rotation
  • What’s the future look like
  • Dr. Pinegar on VGK injuries
  • Current state of the Golden Knights with 14 games to play
  • Rookie D-men

And much more…

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  1. Tim

    Ken I’ve got to disagree with you on our goalie situation. Let me ask you this how many teams have there goalie tanking Anderson, Jones, Quick everyone will be looking to upgrade there goalie this summer and were in the cat bird seat. You tell me getting a good forward or center how he’d be more valuable and win more games then two quality goalies not a chance. Forget getting a cheap backup goalie for 30 games when with Fleury and lehner we could put the whole league in our rear view mirror. Goalie is the name of the game just like pitcher in baseball and quarterback in football. The deeper and stronger the better. Isn’t the idea to win as many games as possible? Now if Fleury would buy in and they split the season games we would be a tough out.

    • You are too focused on the regular season. I’m not worried about the regular season with this team, I have full faith that even if they played an EBUG for 20 games they’d still make the playoffs (remember the first season with Lagace?). I’m talking about the playoffs, when the games really matter. Give me a $7 million defenseman in my lineup every night as opposed to a $7 million baseball cap riding the pine.

      If there was no cap, sure. But there is, so the allocation of the money has to be done wisely and spending 8% on someone who is guaranteed to be on the bench every night (can’t play Fleury AND Lehner) doesn’t sound like a great plan to me.

      • Tim

        Everyone has an opinion for me give me that two headed monster every time. Ken your a stat man so here’s my question. By having two elite goalies how many pucks do they keep our of the net verse a 6 million dollar forward or D-Man how many will they score or defend against? Were not just talking the regular season also the playoffs but with so many teams looking for a goalie I like my odds with Fleury and lehner but again that just my two cents worth.

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