Praise Be To Foley, Vegas Golden Knights Hockey Website Podcast #186: Keep Panicking

After what might be the worst game in franchise history, we look at what’s plaguing the Golden Knights. Hosted by Ken Boehlke and Jason Pothier.

  • Not much has changed with the coaching change
  • What to do with Tuch
  • Trade a goalie?
  • Is Eakin slipping in the Golden Knight’s hierarchy?
  • Why are the Golden Knights in a state of panic?

And much more…

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  1. Vgk4life

    Tuch has a fairly significant injury, hes still young and has shown what he can when hes healthy and on a productive line. Cody Eakin is possibly the most overpaid player on the team. He is right back to where he was season 1 with us.

    As for the other problems. The biggest problem is our lack of defensemen who can actually play defense. Shea Theodore is arguably our best blue liner, but hes absolutely terrible defensively. His offensive bursts of speed is what keeps teams from making a moving orange pylon more often than they have.

    We have two rookies in Hague and Whitecloud that hopefully will develope into solid nhl defensemen. We have Merril and Holden who would struggle in the AHL much less playing ever single night as they have. McNabb is either on or off. He is on when we see him running around and hammering people. He no longer has done what he did the first year and subsequently takes a bunch of dumb penalties.

    Engelland …. has just gotten old. Time catches up to everyone. His best days are far behind him. Schmidt is a solid 3rd pairing defensemen at best. So what we have is essentially 1 first pared starter. 1 solid second liner as long as he plays aggressively. 2 rookies that look decent enough on the 3rd pairing. 1 veteran who is a solid 3rd. And 2 who shouldn’t be allowed in the building much less being paid what they are.

    The problem is our personnel selection by our GM. The same GM who asks for magic to happen and then fires the one guy who was holding this team together through the injuries (Tuch Karlsson marchessault). Brilliant work.

  2. Lehner

    Subban in goal tonight…… That is Vgk flat out admitting that Fleury sucks lately, and that they cannot depend on either one of them

    all the top teams in the league are coming in…Blues, Isles, Wash, Tampa

    and Mr .898 sieve % is gonna beat ’em? hah

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