Praise Be To Foley, Vegas Golden Knights Hockey Website Podcast #183: Gallant Out, This Better Work

Recorded at Moneyline Sports Bar at Park MGM, we explore every angle of the stunning decision to fire Gerard Gallant and hire Pete DeBoer. Hosted by Ken Boehlke and Jason Pothier.

  • The decision itself
  • When did the concerns about Gallant pop up
  • DeBoer is an upgrade over Gallant?
  • The pressure on everyone
  • What changes does DeBoer make?
  • Is DeBoer in a tough spot with the schedule?

And much more…

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  1. Tim

    Podcast wasn’t working so just going to wing it to the topics you were going to talk about. Gallant it seems was a players coach and the team let him down from the interviews of the players they feel real bad.
    Pete DeBoer will never be a Vegas Golden Knight he has the job for now how will the players react who knows. Myself if they needed a change anyone but our sworn enemy.
    I’m fine if we dump the season and get this guy out of town. What Kelly and George did by hiring him is indefensible . I’ve lost a lot of respect for both not only the hiring but bad trades and letting certain free agents leave. I could care less what changes they make which they will because management is backed in a corner. They put a stain on this franchise that’s not going away.

  2. RJ

    The team gave us no information, but I think this was a useful discussion for explaining what might have been in their minds. Outstanding point that it was always the plan to fire Gallant, he was never meant to be the one to lift the cup.

    Most important take away as a fan though, this team is only interested in winning. They don’t care what fans think, they don’t care what the media thinks, they don’t even seem to care what the players think. Just win baby.

  3. Mags

    This was the biggest CHICKEN SHIT move ever made. They have successfully alienated the Vegas fan base. Not only only the way the firing was handled, but DeBoer, really? There are much better choices out there. I am a senior on a limited budget and have been saving to go to a game. Now I will spend the money on something else, like more groceries. Good going VGK management! Will McFee and McCrimmon be held responsible for this debauchle?

  4. Mike F

    You’re damn right this better work. McPhee and McCrimmon should take a stroll down to UNLV and ask why the support has dwindled. Bonehead decision after bonehead decision over the last 30 years shot that program in the foot and they struggling to stay above water.

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