Praise Be To Foley, Vegas Golden Knights Hockey Website Podcast #181: Christmas Time (Plus Dr. Pinegar)

As we head into the Christmas Break we chat about the state of the team as well as spread some holiday cheer (in everyone but Ken’s case). Hosted by Ken Boehlke and Jason Pothier.

  • Where do the Golden Knights stand in relation to the rest of the league
  • Are the Golden Knights under-utilizing forwards
  • Dr. Pinegar on concussions
  • The dishonesty policy
  • Holiday traditions
  • Fleury playing on Father’s Trip

And much more…

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Golden Knights Utilizing Zone Starts To Deploy Right Defenseman At Right Time


Merry Christmas!


  1. Tim

    I have a question I hope you can answer. I was wondering if you new why Peyton Krebs was cut from team Canada? I know he didn’t play in either of there exhibition games for whatever reason. After the injury has he lost his speed or is it a fear of injuring it again and can’t get untracked or is he just not that good.

    • It takes some time for players to get back to feeling completely like themselves after that injury. He was just barely back in playing shape when the team needed to be selected. They obviously must have felt he wasn’t quite ready. I don’t believe it’s worrisome as he’s been terrific in the WHL since his return. Poor timing for him is really all it is.

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